PowerExpand 13-in-1 USB-C Dock - Not Charging Dell Latitude 7280

I have this brand new dock connected to a Dell Latitude 7280 and it isn’t keeping the laptop charged. Even worse, when the battery is completely dead, the laptop cannot run on the power provided by the dock alone. I have to connect the Dell power supply to the laptop in order to get the laptop to turn on and begin charging again.

Is this expected behavior?

Let’s start with the basics, make sure that you are using a USB-C to USB-C cable that can handle the power through it up to 100w, and that it’s plugged into the proper port on the docking station


Thank you for the pictorial. It is plugged in correctly using the supplied USB-C cable. The only other thing plugged into the dock is a Cat 6 cable.

Well sticking with basics still, you need excess power for the hub and the residual power available to be no less than the minimum laptop needs.

E.g. if laptop minimum need is 60W and you plug 60W charger in hub then that will fail.

Assume 15W for hub, research your laptop and then ensure your charger then meets that.

This particular dock comes with its own power plug that supplies the proper amount to support up to 85w laptop charging which is more than enough for his laptop. @Kevin_Boutelle I would try swapping the cable around…I know it sounds weird but I had a cable only work one direction like that. Also try using a different cable to see if it helps,

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Why would you assume that I would not use the hubs provided power supply? Stated by Anker, this will provide a maximum of 85 watts to a computer. My laptop requires 65 watts so I’m well within the limits.

Thank you, I did do that. I also made certain that the USB-C ends were inserted fully as they were very tight (A good thing I believe).

While connected, the laptop was showing that it was connected to a wired network so I know there was at the very least a data connection even if the power connection was not functioning properly.

I should add that I was able to image the computer over the network using this dock and that image was only able to complete when I provided additional power to the laptop.

That’s because I was incorrect and @Tank corrected me.

So laptop requires 65W?

So you need a 100W cable, as otherwise it’s a 60W cable and 60<65.

As @Tank says, try different cables particularly 100W.

You say you used the supplied cable. Is it 100W they tend to be not. The hub may say support 85W but is the cable 100W?

Note under PD 20V 3A is a maximum 60W, the next level up is 20V 5A. So 65W is necessarily >3A.

I’d suggest look at the cable, try different cable try it different ways around.

I certainly will and I’ll be sure to let Anker know if a cable change is what fixes this.

I can’t believe they would provide a cable that was underrated for the power output of their device but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen that.

Your bios has the default of it receives power not give power?