PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Franz!!! Glad everything is good now!


Wonder if the cable in this weeks drawing comes with the travel pouch


The nurses will be sad after my leaving.
Such a polite and charmful old gentleman…hehehehe!


That’s not what they said at nursing station! :wink:

Be good to have you back and see your jokey posts


German nurses are different from British ones!


Glad you are out now, Franz @Chiquinho :innocent:


Good luck to this week contestants
I am rooting fort the power line II+ because then I could make a comparison on it :+1::grin:


Man. I meant to enter for the PowerCore fusion yesterday :sob:. Too late. Snoozers are losers :joy:


When will be winners names avialible? On monday?


Most probably on Monday!!
Good luck to the participants… and to me :grin: looking forward to win a flash light :heart_eyes:


good luck everyone :smiley: me also :smiley: I hope i Will win powerline cable


@kumar.sachin posted some deals about flashlights. Check them out if you don’t win the power draw


Congrats to this weeks chosen :+1:

Bolder LC40 @bobbleheaderman
Powerline+ II @TerenceManuel
PowerCore Fusion @kumar.sachin


Congrats to last weeks winners :clap:t2:

Nice to see familiar names on the list


Congrats guys
Bolder LC40 @bobbleheaderman
Powerline+ II @TerenceManuel
PowerCore Fusion @kumar.sachin


CONGRATS WINNERRRRRESS enjoy the prizes :clap::clap::clap:


congratulations Winners! Hope I Will ever win :smiley:


Woohoo :raised_hands: thanks everyone


Yeah, they are not available in Canada :cry:

Congratulations winners :thumbsup:
Bolder LC40 @bobbleheaderman
Powerline+ II @TerenceManuel
PowerCore Fusion @kumar.sachin

@kumar.sachin had a stack of lights now I believe :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::upside_down:


Congrats to the winners
Enjoy your new items