PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)



Just received, thanks for the insight!


Really? Seems like the Powerdrive 2 alloy will become a popular item



They kicked me out today.
No more need to keep the old jerk in the hospital. :joy:

BUT now I know what I was longing for so much:
My Flare, my Zero : MY music: LvB, Mozart, Schubert. :wink:


Great news!!! Hope you feel well :shamrock:


Glad to hear your home and reunited with your speakers & music @Chiquinho :slight_smile:


I spoke to the postman, and he has sent your motion + to me to look after while you recover :wink:





Awesome news :joy:


Brilliant news Franz :ok_hand:
Get some tunes on and relax :slight_smile:


Franz!!! Glad everything is good now!


Wonder if the cable in this weeks drawing comes with the travel pouch


The nurses will be sad after my leaving.
Such a polite and charmful old gentleman…hehehehe!


That’s not what they said at nursing station! :wink:

Be good to have you back and see your jokey posts


German nurses are different from British ones!


Glad you are out now, Franz @Chiquinho :innocent:


Good luck to this week contestants
I am rooting fort the power line II+ because then I could make a comparison on it :+1::grin:


Man. I meant to enter for the PowerCore fusion yesterday :sob:. Too late. Snoozers are losers :joy:


When will be winners names avialible? On monday?


Most probably on Monday!!
Good luck to the participants… and to me :grin: looking forward to win a flash light :heart_eyes: