PowerDraw Winner Anouncement (Weekly updates)

Congratulations to @Robert_Kuhlman (PowerPort Cube), @Emilio.buhr90 (SoundBuds Life) and @Solohayn (Selfie Stick) :sunglasses:


Congrats to this weeks winners :ok_hand:

congratulations to all winners. good luck to everyone for next time

When did they introduce the powercube?

Congratulations to the winners! I can’t wait for the next power draw

Early July…

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Congrats to the winners

[quote=“Kopra_12, post:1543, topic:54086, full:true”]
When did they introduce the powercube?
[/quote]Haha, they never introduced it.

I introduced it. :joy:


i have question, when arw the drawings activated? i stehre a day or does they come randomly?

Perhaps give them time to make their own announcements then :grin:

They have all the time they need. They are the ones developing their own products.

So how exactly are you finding this stuff before even some staff

I think the staff finds out way before me. They just choose not to share it.

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Fair enough, but how do you find this stuff?

I’m happy happy I just leveled up :grin:

A combination of deep Amazon and Google searching. It takes time

Cool thanks for your reply. I just ordered mine. I have an iPhone 8 so I should get a good charge out of it!

Why in past there were more drawings then one aviable and in present only one per week? on drawing page i see only one winner per week, and in past 3 up to 5…

They changed it a while back, this way they can offer more competitions and opportunities for many more people to win things

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Hi @C4RB1N3, @Kevin_Luc, sorry for the delayed email, you can check your email box now!

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