PowerCore+ Not charging and leds flashing

Hi. I am holiday and took my PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C with me to charge my sons tablets and stuff. Now it was time to charge to unit itself but all it does is flicker 5 leds. Tried 2 different chargers and even connected it to the MacBook to charge it but issue remains. Please help and save my from whining kids. :slight_smile:


Not certain if much can be done while your still on holiday if the unit has developed a fault. You mentioned you’ve tried two different chargers, does this include different cables?

You could try a reset of the PowerCore by looping the cable from the output port to the charging port. This is essence reset’s the unit. Then try charging as normal for 6hrs minimum.


Yep. 2 chargers and 2 different cables. Also tried to use my MacBook as a charger but the leds keep flashing. I will give the shortcutting a try when I am back in my room.

As @ndalby mentioned anytime you experience a charging issue it’s always best practice to start always square one, try to reset the unit as explained above and then leave it to charge for a minimum of 6 hours. Sometimes the flashing lights is just the unit charging and displaying that it’s charging. Many people thnk it’s faulty when the see the lights flash on and off


Did the unit get warm/hot (from sitting in the sun, for example)? I’ve found that if the power bank is above it’s recommended operating temperature, it will flash to indicate there is a problem. Letting it cool down should reset it.


Others have helped you with sage advice.

When I am traveling and reliant on technology I carry a spare everything. Hope for the best, plan for the worst. I like Anker’s reliability and their good warranty but anything can fail either inside the product or I break it.

For this reason if I’m away and reliant on tech I’d rather carry say two Powercore 10000 than one Powercore 20000. In my personal situation I find I do not need as much as 20000mAh, more usually about 10000mAh so I might be with say a Powercore II 6700 + the Powercore+ Mini.

Good luck. But needing luck less often is luckier.



Sorry that the PowerCore + 20100 USB-C does not recharge well. Could you please confirm whether the wall chargers you tried are powerful enough to offer 5V/2A output? If so, the Anker battery indeed has a problem. Please contact Anker customer service at "support@anker.com" to let us know your order number and the description of the problem, we would arrange a replacement for you as soon as the item is covered by the warranty.

Apologize and hope to hear from you soon.

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I am back in Belgium and will return the product where I bought. They can figure it out for me. :wink:

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I wonder if Anker has ever found the root cause of these problems. Because I’m seeing a lot of this happen to other people as well, the LED lights come up when you press the button and appears to have power, the female USB ports on the device look completely pristine, however, it doesn’t charge or output any power…

I’m having the same problem! The power bank appears fully charged but when I attempt to charge my Samsung note 8… nothing. I tried several different cables with no luck.

I love Anker products and was so disappointed when this happened.

I’m going to try to reset it to see if that will work.

I realise this is an old thread but I am having the exact same problem with one of my PowerCore II 10000 batteries. It suddenly stopped charging just over 18 months after purchase.
Interestingly the product warranty is 18 months !! I contacted support@anker.com to see if there is any way to reset it, repair it or get a replacement but was simply told “It’s broken” and they could not help me as it is out of warranty. I like to consider the environment when purchasing and disposing of ALL products and given the toxic nature of the chemicals in batteries I find this reply irresponsible. I am not even sure what I am supposed to do with this battery now. This seems likely to me to be an electronics issue given the sudden failure and if there was a way to repair it I would but I am getting no help from Anker !

If it’s 18 months old it is probably now to be safely disposed of.

There is a small chance of it getting confused to which if you connect the input to output and press power button that will reset.

Have you tried different USB cable charging it? Cables age faster than anything else.
Are you sure the charger is working, they do fail sometimes if an overload turned the port off.

After trying different cable and charger and reset, FYI the most probable cause is one of the 3 cells in it has died, they die from either old age, being stored too cold or stored too hot, from being used a lot and from not being used.

It’s unfortunate yours died unluckily just out of warranty, but I care for my batteries avoiding all the usual reasons and all of my Powercore keep going 4 years (so far) so Anker remains a good brand, often outliving the warranty.

Anker is such a good brand, while out of warranty, at their discretion, you may find if you keep goodwill you get goodwill back usually in form of a discount code off new.

Hi, Thanks for your suggestions. I tried that reset method to no avail. The charger and cable are fine as it works to charge my other identical battery. I also take care of my batteries and they are used in moderate temperatures. If it was cell failure I would have expected a gradual decline rather than one day its perfect and the next day completely inoperative, but I am no expert. Maybe I will take it apart and test the cells.
Many thanks

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There is some risk to yourself of a dismantle. I’d not recommend it. If you are aware of the risks and take precautions, there are teardown and even repair videos on YT. This product is just 3 cells, if its 3 cells in parallel then one cell cannot take down the product, you can tell immediately from following the wiring. The cells are the Panasonic 18650 type and can be repurposed or replaced but then you either replace 1 old cell to make then a different-age cells issue later, or replace 3 cells and likely incur as much cost as a new Powercore. Some of the teardowns managed to reset the electronics simply by desoldering the batteries off, leaving for a few days, then resoldering.

Personally I just buy new, it is a good brand and you just got unlucky.

If you wait a week-ish then a Powercore likely will come up discounted here. I see you’re in France, so you’d be looking for (DE) German discounts probably.


Thanks again for your suggestions. I managed more of a “tear apart” than a “tear down” , damaging the plastic case trying to get it apart. The voltage across the 3 cells in parallel was 4.16 volts so my guess is the electronics failed. Anyway its destined for the bin now but at least I can dispose of the cells in the battery recycling bins.

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Were they wired actually in parallel?

If so, yes likely electronics gone. Electronics tend to last a very long time. Damp from humidity and cold sometime?

Thank you for detailing the reset method and turning my rainy day into a parade! The LED light would only blink “five” times and would not charge each time I would plug in the cable.

I will detail more for those it might help in the future : My new PowerCore had drowned in my dobt kit that flooded with mouthwash via a loose cap. It’s good as ever!

While some circuit boards not powered on stand a chance of survival once dried there are of course no guarantees. I flushed mine out with non conductive electronic spray cleaner bought at the auto store through the USB and C ports. Once dried I plugged it in and kept runnung in the 5 blinks.

After employing the reset method all the LED’s lit up when I replugged it to charge.It’s now good as ever!

I have the PowerCore 13000 A1215. While attempting to charge a device, my blue lights flash low/high/low/high, and, for my phone, the display keeps acting like it was just plugged in every 2 or 3 seconds, while it remains plugged in, as if it were disconnected then reconnected. The charger and phone were connected, and I wasn’t touching them, and I just sat there watching my phone’s screen do this repeatedly. And while this is happening, the blue lights flash low/high/low/high.

How long should I keep the cable looped from USB to MicroUSB?

I am a very big fun of Anker powerbanks,
I have two Anker Power Bank, PowerCore III Elite 19200 60W Portable Charger with .
One of them has stop charging it kip blinking two blue lights on the % light on the powerbank.
The charger and the cables are ok as they are fine with the same second same model powerbank.
I am in a great need for them …what is the best way to fix it ?