Powercore Metro Essential 20000 working just fine but suddenly not charging anymore

I’ve been using this since September 2022… I consistently fully charge it and use it until it’s just 1 light blinking.

I was able to charge my iPhone to 100% just 2 days ago with it and it still had 2 blinking lights. I wanted to charge my phone again today but it won’t turn on or blink at all.

I tried plugging it in my Anker wall charger but it won’t light up and charge. I also tried other sockets and extension cords. I’ve also tried using my Apple charger and a different cord… still no lights and charging.

What could be the issue? And how to fix this?

Thanks in advance for the help.

May be its possible to reset the pb.
You could use the search option (magnifier) to find out more.