PowerCore III bank for camera at night through external duty battery

Hello the Community and the Support,

I bought an Anker battery bank to power my Nikon camera.
My setup is as follow: I removed the original battery from my Nikon and put in a dummy battery. This dummy battery is connect on the usb-c port of my Anker.

When at night, I also connect a dew heater for my lens.
Everything works like a charm, and the camera triggers automatically for my timelapse for example, etc…

Until a day to I setup everything and the camera doe snot trigger anymore!!!
The dew heater works, my camera powers on, I can see through the viewer, access to the menus, etc… but when it is time to trigger, it does not want anymore!!

So I tried to connect my camera directly with my dummy battery connecte directly to the power socket through a “regular” DC converter and it works. So I feel like it is not a problem with the camera not the dummy battery…

FYI, I have charged the Anker to its max.

Any clue, please…!

Thank you,