Powercore essential A1281 won't charge from Anker 735 GaNPrime 65W

I have a Powercore A1281 that works great and I can charge it fine using multiple chargers (Anker 521 Nano pro is the most common) but when I try to charge it using my new Anker 735 GaNPrime it doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve tried all 3 ports on the 735 using multiple cables of different lengths (many also from Anker) and verified each cable and port is working fine with other devices/power banks/chargers.

The A1281 never seems to detect the charge from the 735 and the LEDs never light up. I tried leaving them connected overnight while the A1281 was at 1 LED (~25%) but in the morning it was still showing the same 1 LED. In about the same 8 hours my 521 charged it close to full.

Any ideas/suggestions about why this is happening or if it can be fixed?