PowerConf C200 poor white balance after firmware upgrade

Hi everyone,

I have an Anker PowerConf C200 webcam which has worked really well up until now.

I’ve recently upgraded the firmware from version 6.4 to 6.7 and now the white balance seems to be completely out of whack. There are also some issues with auto-focusing.

Let me take them one by one:

  1. Whitebalance used to be perfectly fine before the upgrade to firmware 6.7, with natural colours, etc.
    After the upgrade the image has a strong blue tint when auto-white-balance=ON.
    When I turn it OFF I can set the white balance to be something like 4800 and then the colours return to normal.
    This was not the case before with the old firmware 6.4.
    Is there anything I can do to fix this? Can you release a new firmware to fix this? Can i rollback to firmware 6.4?

  2. The webcam now loses focus a lot more often than it used to before the firmware upgrade.
    I can see it hunts for focus quite often, while previously it rarely did.

These are both incredibly annoying issues for a product which used to work very well.

Please help


I have the same issue with autofocusing. It seems like autofocus doesn’t work at all.


the same here, my webcam is not focusing anymore when I’m using it on linux.
Only works on windows through the software


The same happens with my c200 webcam. The autofocus is at infinity, nor the focus in manual mode works.

Unfortunately I couldn’t get support from Anker to revert the firmware update


Just got a brand new C200 wich came with the 6.7 firmware version, the same problems… no autofocus, no manual focus, horrible tinted colors…


I have face the same experience, with no focusing and poor white balance. My firmware is 7.5

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I bought this webcam too. I upgraded the firmware and i can’t autofocus nor manual focus on the camera.
Please ANKER fix this by releasing a new update.

Write an email to the EUFY support.
We cant help you here, we are not the support.

already did.
wanted to add report about this bug… maybe they’ll do something about it

double post

May be.
We the fromners here, we dont know.
But you should report what you have been told by the support.