Power Station 767 Display Faulty ?

hello guys i have a probably a defect in the display,

to be sure i will ask any of you guys if you have the same problem,
because Anker support says the following
"It has been confirmed that this is a screen design issue. " not a defect,

and i am here , on every review wit pictures and even YouTube reviews it don’t look like this

do anyone have the same problem with the display ?

because at some point i think Anker try to not to RMA the product and rather say
"Even sending you a replacement product will not change the situation. "

That’s the low temp high temp and overload section of the display. Try overloading to see if you can get it to light up.

I know it is , i told anker the same,
it is the warning sings and the littrly dont care,
They never mentioned to test or how to do a display test to see if warning lights work,
all they say production fault,
and dont want to rma it because of it,

to alot people i showed this pics they say a broken display becuase it have a fading cluster in the display

Look i dont like how anker support is, its the first time i encounter a probpem and asked support , i have alot anker products and this is the most expansive one i bought of them and to be treated like trash im disappointed

I just unboxed my brand new unit and can confirm, I have the same black box in the lower lefthand corner.