Power level on sound core

is there a way to check the power level on the sound core? thanks.

Yes if your phone is compatible with bluetooth 4.1 or is an iPhone the battery level is displayed in the top right hand corner next to your own phones battery level. If you wanted to know if its visible on the Soundcore itself on the nano it is not. On the Soundcore XL it is displayed on the right hand side by a series of Led lights.

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thanks. i don’t have a cell phone so i was looking to see if the unit itself gave the info. i have the small version so i guess the answer is no. that’s a bit annoying.

You are correct, there is no way unfortunately.

How do you check the battery life on anker speaker

There are some devices showing you the battery level, others don’t.
May be the soundcore app does.
I don’t use, so I don’t know.

Simplest way is to take a look if the “red light” is blinking" :grin:
So do I,

Thanks for your help Chiquinho