Power IQ 2.0 vs Qualcomm QC 3.0 Test


Awesome video is it your video or are you just sharing it with us? Either way go check out this guys testing video on IQ VS Qualcomm Quick Charger very detailed video enjoyed watching it. :relaxed:



So it is what I suspected, Anker has helped those with QC3 phones, and improved its Speed series.

For the rest of us, the whole Apple and the non-QC Android, are waiting to get some of the Anker love.


Very informative video. Very well explained. Did anyone notice the finish on the Anker power bank and the light show from the battery level indicator? I really dig those 2 things. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing, awesome info! :sunglasses:

Sweet, good informative video. I would have most likely not searched something like this on youtube.

good watch, great info, thanks

great video, I would like to see it tested against phone that use different type of fast charge.

This is a fantastic information video, thank you!

Really hoping iPhone would have some quickcharge capabilities soon.

Great comparison, the it does help a lot!

Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to watch it again when I get home from work.

Finally the new iPhone have the quick charge… 50% in only 30 min… :heart_eyes:

My iPhone 6 takes 1 hour to be powered till 50% … :neutral_face:

Thanks for sharing, good info :thumbsup:

For you apple lovers out there that are sounding bumbed it is my understanding that if you get the power IQ version not the QC version then it should help you with a faster charge because apple doesent have a QC chip. I charged my wife’s phone and it seemed to charge up quick. Before I converted her to the Android dark side. Lol

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