Piece “NEBULA” Together | Win a Nebula Capsule!

Sure, do you want me to help you delete the second post? :wink:


Sounds good :smirk: will PM you later


Haha good job on this one! :laughing:


Yes please :slight_smile: and thanks

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I had thought if I found a bee would it would have counted for a B as well? lol

Haha good question!
I would say yes if you can really find one lol
But don’t try, that would be too dangerous to get close to a real bee :joy:

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What about if you drew a letter in honey or something sweet near bees and photo when they land to eat?


I would say ok. When I was 16 I was cutting dad’s grass and in a span of 24 hours I got stung about 35 times by yellow jackets from 2 different nests


I’ve just now spent an hour clicking through every like, looking at their history. I deem L0 liking things as normal, they do exist here but they are liking multiple which is what a real human would do. I’ve not seen anything untoward, but I’ll keep checking to keep this a fair fight. I can see people who made multiple accounts year ago to like themselves, but in this thread they have not used them to a quantity it is skewing the result. I’m on guard.

I’d like to think in other competitions I do want to win that someone else neutral do the same for the community, it is quite a labour of effort to forensically spot bad behaviour, the admin and mods aren’t staffed up to do it properly so it’s a community effort to police the community.


Csc2468 created acc and liked/commented, then hid profile after, SUS!
Csc2469 another SUS!

image https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/among-us-wiki/images/a/af/CrewmateKillAnimation.gif/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/340?cb=20200523185908

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Right but that post has only one like from a new member, that’s consistent with perfectly normal new user liking. It’s a post with likes from multiple new users is a warning sign. I don’t see that in this thread.

I don’t want to stop new users enjoying the community, only someone self fake liking many times.

If you’re seeing something I’m not let’s PM this off the side to keep this thread light and fun.

I only mentioned I am checking so someone knows to not do anything unsportsmanlike.


I don’t see how it’s sus if a person makes an account is active and then hides their profile. I know when I first started out I was active without a profile picture because I just didn’t realize how to add one. A bunch of people have their activity hidden. I agree with @professor I think the bigger tell is if they just visit one thread and give one like and even then who knows. I know there have been contests where level 0 have liked my thing and I have no clue who they are and I just never seen them again.

Agreed I’ve looked through this thread as well and it seems pretty normal there doesn’t seem to be a mass influx of accounts all of a sudden. I think is we suspect everyone and get upset with everyone who is level 0 then our community will never be able to grow so there is a fine line to tread. Thanks for your hard work clicking through it all

It did happen yesterday in another thread but I did the shot across the bows and they stopped doing after a few minutes.

We agree it can give a bad impression to new users, I’m only mentioning it so people know to not even bother and let’s keep it light and fun in all competitions.


Agreed there is no point in making other accounts if protecto is going to call them out :joy::joy:


I tried to find someone who could create some more of these fitting to “NEBULA”
Not easy!
I gave up! :rofl:



Beer bottle letters?

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That gave me an idea.

So we need some boards, some string, and some other tools as well as as field in England and a few community members to show up.

We need to get a Nebula design and create a crop circle of it. Then we can create buzz as a unknown Nebula crop circle casting on the wall just shows up in a “random” field. :wink: :rofl:


Nebula crop circles just start appearing around the world :joy::joy::joy:

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I think beer bottle letters would then make you a bias judge :joy::joy::joy: