Overlighted downloaded video

Hi all,

Does have anybody has issues with downloaded clips?
I have a apple Xr mobike…
the eufy security app works well. i can stream and look at all the video clips with good quality.
but if I download the clip to my mobile than suddenly the clip is overly lighted.
does anybody else have this problem?
is there a fix?

with regards

Elmer de Boer

Hi @Elmer_de_Boer

Sounds weird … are you sure that there is a difference between the LIVE STREAM and a clip which has been recorded at the same time of the day? … For me it sounds like you have downloaded a nightvision / infrared video where probably some obstacles in the view of the cam, like a wall or tree or something else, had reflected the infrared!

Could that be or am i wrong?

Check if a downloaded video which has been recorded by daylight is overlighted too please.

i know for sure.

i made a live video clip to my phone- that was ok
i looked live at the cam, that stream was ok
i looked at the clip in the events that was ok
on the moment i download the clip from the events it is just white and you can hear all the sounds.

like the home base is 1 metre away from this camera. there is just a wall with a window between it

Is there a way too boost the signal?
or log in on the homebase with the laptop or so and download it by wifi or network?


why should you want to do this?! You signal should be perfect if your homebase is just 1 meter away from the cam!

Mhhh, i guess you need to contact support@eufylife.com to explain your issue and maybe they can help you to fix this or send our a replacement cam if your is having a technical failure.

You can’t connect with laptop and tyking out the sd-card to read it at the PC with an sd-card reader won’t be possible as all data on the sd-card is encrypted and can’t be read at the PC. Only way to download the videos is by using the app and then watch it on the cellphone or copy it to your laptop/pc and watch it there.

But first of all you may should check:

  1. if your cam and homebase got the latest firmware/update installed
  2. then format the SD-card with the app (attention: all data on the SD card will be lost then, maybe make a backupf before!
  3. take the homebase offline (completely! - not only running in backup battery mode) and wait some minutes and restart the whole system and check if your issue still exists.

all the latest firmware is on.
when checking the cams, the wifi signal is all good.
I even reinstalled al, the format of the SD card happens by itself I found out.
Homebase was off… but it does not make a diffrence

OK … i see. then the last thing what you can do is to send this issue to support@eufylife.com and ask for help.

I tested it now also with a friend his phone, he has an huawei p20 pro.
strange enough he does not have any problems.
With my iphone XR there is a issue.
It looks like it is a codec or something like that ssue.