Our Most Popular iPhone Charger Now Upgraded

If you’re an iPhone owner, a fan of our previous Nano charging lineups, or especially if you’re thinking of purchasing an iPhone 14 after it launches tomorrow - this one’s for you!

While the new iPhones may not come with a charger in the box - we’ve got you covered with Anker Nano 3 :handshake:

Read below to learn more about the lineup and receive a discount offer

Anker Nano 3 sports 30W output, 3x faster charging, 70% smaller size and exclusive temperature protection technology.

Also featuring five fresh finishes to the lineup, there’s an Anker Nano for every iPhone.

To celebrate the launch of Nano 3 and its compatibility with the much anticipated iPhone 14 - for a limited time you can save up to 10% on the lineup!

Take a closer look at the lineup, get to know the new Nano 3 products and access the discounts through the links below :zap::point_down:

For US Customers :arrow_heading_down:


For UK Customers :arrow_heading_down:


For DE Customers :arrow_heading_down:


Let us know what you think of Anker Nano 3 and which products and colors are your favorite! Who’s getting a Nano 3 for their new iPhone? :eyes:


Pretty cool. Nanos rule.

May want to fix web coding on cables

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iPhone 14, only seem like 5 minutes ago I had the 5S!
I got therapy a few years back and am much better now I’ve moved over to Samsung :sunglasses:


That’s awesome. I have 4 of the nano pro’s and I love them!


I saw some articles about this earlier was going to make a post when I got home but now seems Ill just share it here.


I was gifted one some time ago.
Not such a strong one, now are offered.
But its really enough for my demands.

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It took a bit but Dr. Duane got you through it. :rofl:

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It’s crazy how quickly new phones come out. I’m on what’s deemed an old phone being a couple years old already


Looks decent but limited colours for the non US markets.

I’d like to see Charger/Cable bundles

And, with the amount it sticks out from the wall, you could put a little wireless charger on the top for some AirPods.

That’s the best you can do. :smile:

If I look at my old hardware : Lenovo 420 > 10 years old
(I5 2,5 GHz, 8GB RAM, 128SSD, LINUX MINT)
I am sure it has a same performance as newer ones running MS-OS. :grin:

But only those who know about are not becoming addicted to this madness.
The worst of Mac_OS is, that newer OS can NOT be installed on elder devices. :rage:

a 5000mAh Fusion 45W folding pin looks a new interesting concept. 5Ah is not much use to a laptop but is for a phone.

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I agree really interesting idea. I do like seeing the folding prongs though on the chargers

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Indeed you did @Duane_Lester :+1:t2:

I definitely love my old nano, but the folding plugs on this one are sooooo tempting…

My wife I & just picked up our iPhone 14 Pro Max’s today! Is the three key differences of this compared to the Nano II (Anker 711) the foldable plugs, activeshield 2.0, & additional colors?

I was looking at adding at a wall outlet with two USB-C’s (along with normal plugs), but dual 30W USB-C’s don’t make sense due to cost and rather get two blocks then for transportability. I saw Best Buy also had their Insignia brand 30W blocks around same price as Anker’s, but they are bigger and I don’t trust that brand as much as the Anker.

Are you sure dual 30W isn’t a sensible option?

Had a ton of the 18w Nanos for a long time, actually melted one of them a while ago :frowning:
(Turns out toaster ovens get hot)
Looking forward to my 30w charger arriving! Folding plugs make this super convenient for traveling.

I was thinking more like below in terms of dual 30W which were in like the $80 range. Then it would make sense of having cubes so if we are separated from each other (me & wife) then we can each take a cube instead of only having one block that has two connections.

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Ok I’m seeing two 20W pack offers can’t find from Anker dual 30W.

I never travel without a Powercore anyway so I’m never wanting the fastest possible charge for my phone, but for my Powercore, which is 18W.

If you only carry a fast Powerport you’re dependent on finding a socket and then dependent on that socket for the phone recharge time, noting that one a phone gets to 85% full it slows its input. If though you carry and use a Powercore you’re not dependent on anything anytime soon 10Ah would be one full recharge for two phones although if has a bag I’d carry a 20Ah just in case, so not dependent on a wall socket for days.

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