One-Year Anniversary Celebration Ideas!

T-SHIRTS and other items with the Anker logo

Wow, time sure flies. Congratulations Anker and HAPPY ANKERversary. :slight_smile: Woot! Woot! I am so proud to be apart of the Anker family. Free cables for everyone…to connect us all :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha.


Even though I’m not a party person, I would defiantly love to go party with Anker and possibly play a few games as well. But all in all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :fireworks: :smile: :fireworks: :confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada:

I don’t think it’d be that difficult. You can probably just PM them with the name of the item and have them send it to you. Sorta like they do now with sending emails to the contest winners for info.

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That pun… it took me a sec and then I was like OHHHHHHH!!!

XD I applaud you.

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I like this :heart_eyes:

We can all dream

Congrats on the 1st year of running an awesome community! Contests are always welcomed and appreciated by you guys. A good giveaway may be how how an Anker product made your day-to-day life easier, your best experiences with an Anker product, how an Anker product has helped a family member/friend or just a new product idea/design contest. You guys are awesome with everything the company and can’t wait for more new things to come out :slight_smile:

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that would work, a competition for a certain $ of credit for all Anker items then you pick them from Amazon and they generate codes you use. It is a little hand-cranked but could be made to work.

Speaking of hand crank, why not make a battery bank that relies on hand crank technology to provide power in the event of an emergency when there is no power available but you still need a charge

the weight of hand crank addition is about the same useful energy to last for days of simply bigger batteries. So better to carry a bigger powercore.

I had a hand crank battery bank before but it’s long lost since I moved around a few times. That thing didn’t weigh a lot as it was just the crank charger and a simple 18650 battery to store additional charge. If Anker made something similar I would think they can keep cost down.

Sometimes larger batteries are not beneficial to carry around

Contests and giveaways would be a fun way to celebrate. Party time!!!

Happy 1st anniversary :cake: wow the year certainly has gone quick…

Happy to go with the flow on whatever is decided, contest or giveaways etc but how about restricting to certain aged accounts so there is not the usual flood of new accounts to get a prize and then disappear into the void?

To throw a suggestion in the pot though, why not do a raffle of ‘active’ accounts with random prizes assigned, either physical, discount or points/bucks…


Why are you asking us? It is YOUR birthday afterall… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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A year already? Awesome!

I’m with you in the aged accounts…provided I’m included, lol. I joined way back I think in April but haven’t been around much until this past month or so. I have been a Anker user since their first powerbank and before that their cables

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Woah woah woah @ndalby, I am an active right? Their anniversary will be my 6 month anniversary.

@elmo41683 @cdarienzo1 By aged I meant something more than a day, a week or month. Perhaps active would have been a better phrase, where there is activity more than, say 100 posts, so the run for a prize with a speedy retreat doesn’t yield an outcome. Just my take on rewarding members who are here to share and contribute, not just grab a prize and run…until the next…


I remembered I got a free car charger from Anker at Chrismas.

This anniversary, maybe a flashlight?, or an extra discount on the next purchase?

Or how about a contest, with generous giveaways?