Official Anker Fan Swag Design Contest



@Ice1 you need to get point farming buddy :wink::joy::joy:


I know, thanks buddy, going too much legal is taking me longer and need to find some tricks around. :neutral_face:


@Ice1 I know exactly what you mean. It took me an age to get to level 10!


It will be the case for me too if I don’t realize like some of these guys do. :money_with_wings:
Any ideas are welcome :heart_eyes:


Once you get to the higher levels it takes so much longer to level up


@ktkundy exactly. Going from 1-7 is relatively easy but afterwards the level jumps get higher and higher.

I’m currently halfway through level 10 so getting slowly but surely. :ok_hand:t2:


I just recently became a level 8 and the jump from 8 to nine seems like it will take forever nevermind even trying to get to ten. I just want to get to double digits so bad. But I guess i just have to be patient


Yeah, but besides routine participation I need to start posting new topics and I don’t want to look too obvious in the farming race but give some valuable info for the fellow members.otherwise getting to the next levels will take ages like it did for


Post only things you would want to read. Imagine if you see someone else post it. If you think them posting it would be farming then don’t post. And just make sure it’s more than just a sentence because usually the short one sentences get hated on the most I’ve noticed.


@ktkundy & @Macgyver15 what do you guys do to get continuous flow other than routine stuff?


@Ice1 I just try to be as active as possible on here and post relevant content. The more relevant that it is the more likes and replies you’ll get.

Take my last post about Anker being on Unbox Therapy for instance, it was a relevant post with good info in it and a link to the video itself and it got like 10+ likes, a good few replies and even Anker themselves commented on it.

Try to engage with as many posts as possible as well as the points soon tally up after a week or two. :slight_smile:


I agree with @Macgyver15 just try to post relevant stuff. I can go a while without posting a thread because I don’t feel like posting things that are irrelevant. If I find something cool I’ll post it other wise I just visit every day like the comments that I like and comment on things I find interesting or want to ask questions about and so on.


Y’all would do better if you setup your profile with a picture as well… Just saying


Agreed guys will do my best. Thanks again for the insight.


I agree with a picture for your profile as well as it makes your profile more unique and stand out from the crowd and doesn’t make it look like a generic account on here. :slight_smile:


All not so easy.
Beside the wattage and voltage-stuff we should talk about “simple” things as well.
Think to reanimate the weekend-thread was not too bad. :wink:

I did this of course not to collect some bucks. No need! :grin:


Yes, add an individual photo.
Helps to recognize you much easier. :wink:


@fhassm I’m saving my bucks for a “rainy day” :wink:


Congratulations @TheCharneco on winning. Fabulous designs and really fit the look and feel of the brand. I will happily wear this when it’s sent out.

Well don’t the others too. Some great work in there.


@fhassm agreed, working on it. Hope that will be the first step and help me going into the next phase of being involved in this community.