Official Anker Fan Swag Design Contest



In the future, we will!:hugging:


@ajsanders2004 @ikari04warrior

It's a long-term project, so as long as you move to Level 7, you could let me know! You will also get an exclusive T-shirt.:hugging:


Woohoo! Super exited! Should be there in a few weeks!


@AnkerTechnical that's good because I certainly need a 5xl...yeah I'm just a fatty, but I'm working on it. So far so good I'm down almost 20 lbs, just gotta keep it going


New year resolution is to keep fit!:grin:


Oh really? I'd be right back, gotta create some threads lol jk jk :joy: :sweat_smile:


@AnkerTechnical Is the plan to reach out to everyone level 7 and above and ask them for the tshirt size? Or is it only for level 7 and above participants?


Thank you @AnkerTechnical

I am already waiting :innocent:


Hope the size is not combined to the level.
"10" would be really too big for me!!!! :joy:


We will send email to all the winning participants, also to everyone level 7 and above. Maybe next week.:grin:


Is it still possible to work on t-shirt design. Because I would love to try it and to get feedback


the contest has ended, but you can still share your idea with us.:grin:


Don't forget I need 5xlt...


:laughing::laughing::laughing: Okay!


That will be a nice and funny contest!


I need long body, and to fit 54" chest (a 56" will be fine).


Go ahead and post it :thumbsup:


Of course it is.

Doesn't matter the contest is over.

Go ahead show us, what could've won!


Maximilian, go on!


Too bad I’m not there yet:cry: