Office in a Box With Unbox Therapy!

Who remembers the #LockdownBox we created for the Unbox Therapy last year?

Our team did an awesome job, with Unbox Therapy’s video making waves online and racking up more than 2,400,000 views!

But this year, as we sat around the conference table discussing our upcoming Anker Work launch, we ran into a problem. How on Earth do we top that?

We couldn’t just do another lockdown box and pack it full of Anker products. No. If we wanted lightning to strike twice, we’d have to up the stakes.

Because of COVID-19, people were still stuck working from home, so we wanted to recreate that home office experience for our fans.

After an intense coffee-fueled brainstorm session, our head copywriter, Will, had a genuine moment of genius. If people couldn’t go to the office, why not bring the office to them. Literally!

And so, our “Office in a Box” was born!

But there was still a loooong way to go to turn Will’s idea into a reality.

Our first problem was finding the right box. No one had done an office in a box before, and we had no time to manufacturer one from scratch. That’s where Tim, our superstar social media guru, found a suitable box online.

It was perfect! And even came with a foldout desk. So we placed our order and waited for out “Office in a Box” to arrive.


But when in arrived here at our HQ, there was a problem. It was too small. So we ordered a bigger one! Problem solved. Or so we thought :cold_sweat:

Time was tight, and the manufacturer still hadn’t sent the box! So Sia, our amazing project lead, and her team marched right up to their factory herself to take the box back themselves.

With the box safe in the office, it was time to transform it into something amazing.

We wanted to box to pop, so our talented design team fully customized the outside.

Adding some sweet Anker custom Anker logos!


And to really hammer home the “Office in a Box” idea, we stuck on a custom nameplate for Mr. Unbox Therapy himself. (Fun Fact: his real name’s Lewis!)

So the outside looks amazing, but what about the inside? With multiple drawers and shelves, we had to make sure there was a surprise waiting for Unbox Therapy around every corner.

Our designers Anson, Sherry and Nana got to work creating 3 mystery boxes insde!

Each was packed full of all the essential items one needs while working from home, including a few little surprises we can’t wait for you to see!


Full props to the packaging team! These luxe boxes look :heart_eyes:

And so in just a few days, our designers and copywriters transformed the blank box into something amazing.

The design was done! Now it was over to Samuel, our copywriter, to add a few flourishes to really nail that “Office in a Box” idea.

And there we have it! After weeks of misplaced orders, stalling suppliers, and all manner of other challenges, we’d procured, re-designed, and packaged the World’s First “Office in a Box”!

Time was running out, so we called the delivery company to come pick up the box. It wasn’t easy to plan! The box is… on the large side… so our collective teeth were gritted as it left HQ. Sure, we’d placed plenty of padding inside, but after the manufacturer damaged our first box, nerves were high. We didn’t want out hard work to end up falling to pieces while crossing the Pacific.

Thankfully, the box arrived safe and sound. So that’s enough from us as we hand the mic over to Unbox Therapy for the grand unboxing!


Before watching the video, why not guess what’s inside the box! And make sure to let us know if we missed any home office essentials!

Take it away, Unbox Therapy!

Don’t forget there’s also a chance to win an office-in-a-box here:

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Can I have just the box and custom boxes inside? You can keep all the gear I just want th mobile work station Anker branding and all


That box is awesome! Would be so excited to have one of those boxes, and all the inside gear is super cool to see!

Very creative, Anker! So cool!

Well I would say

Powerconf speakerphone
Powerconf Webcam

but probably some cables and a few other goodies (basically what they gave for the work at home hacks that was at least $514 .

I agree on another post with this. I figure that large box would probably cost a few hundred depending on where it came from.

The box itself is wayyyyy cool.

I love the Anker sticker

Truely innovative. You made me to say a dream work from home setup. And the comphy box is the one which is the most important part i guess. :rofl: no one wanna leave that feeling to wear a tie on top and … #Innovative

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The box itself is amazing

I loved it. Unbox Therapy does great videos and reviews.
The anvil case reminds me of the old school racks that us DJs used when doing mobile parties.
Here’s mine at home:

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