NO SOUND NOTIFICATIONS but video clips work fine

After 5 months of trouble shooting, I finally have a fix for a very serious fault on Android phones using Eufy Security Systems. I guess I have spent some 30 to 40 hours on this plus over 5 visits to Tech people who could not offer a fix. Eufy has offered me no compensation for all this trouble & time except some free cloud storage that I declined (I found this somewhat insulting).

Below is a direct quote from Eufy (via an email):

‘For android phones, there is a maximum limit of 24 outstanding notifications from Eufy. So you need to clear them down once reaching this number’.

To reduce the number of notifications I suggest you set up a Time Schedule.
I have done this, and it works great!
While I’m home in the ‘I’m Staying’ mode the system only activates from 6pm at night to 6am the next morning.
While in the ‘I’m Away’ mode the system (all 6 cameras) work 24/7.
If you need assistance in setting this up, then I am happy to do a FaceTime using WhatsApp to show how to set this up.