New SoundCore Motion 100

New SoundCore Motion 100 speaker announced. I hadn’t seen any announcements anywhere on Motion 100 (there are a couple reviews on the 300 out).


Really. this is a funny little speaker.
I had a similar little one,. was called Icon
Gave it to the neighbours kids
They are still using and love it, they told me.
Such little presents keep friendship alive and meanwhile they bought cables, chargers from Anker.
The best propaganda which can be made.

Would be interesting to know more about this.
Thank you for sharing this.


Looks like a redesigned icon mini :grinning:

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That is what I was thinking

I would say its a “mixture” of the Icon mini and the Icon.
Both were really good little speakers.

Would like to know more about this redesigned new speaker.
Or ist it “Old wine in new bottles”:grin:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=SOX865XAU7IB&keywords=Icon+soundcore&qid=1695537319&s=digital-text&sprefix=icon+soundcore%2Cdigital-text%2C87&sr=1-1


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No reviews on the 100 yet anywhere - Lots online for the 300. Have just ordered the 100 to try out (it’s out on Amazon in the UK), as it’ll fill a performance/size gap in my ‘portfolio’ of BT speakers.