New soundcore mini - need to keep turning it off and back on?

i have a new soundcore mini, but whenever i leave my machine unattended for a hour, i have to turn off the soundcore and then turn it back on to get it to work. basically have to power cycle every time i use it. is this necessary?

shouldn’t it just automatically start working again when i use the computer and play a sound again?


If there is no connection or it’s idle for 10 minutes it should power itself down

I believe if you don’t use it for a short period of time it will automatically turn off.

ok. is there any way to ‘wake it up’ without having to turn it off and then turn it back on?

i bought bluetooth because i didn’t want to run a wire cable over to the far side of my desk… but if i have to go over there and power cycle every time i want to use it, it defeats the purpose.


You can set your computer to stay in and not go into standby or sleep, this will keep the connection to the speaker active

i have my computer set to ‘never sleep’ and the power settings are set to ‘performance’. i also have the bluetooth radio ‘power management’ settings in windows to NOT turn off the bluetooth to save power when it’s not being used. so i think windows is configured to be as “active” as it can be.

i have also just confirmed the SC mini turns off, even with a USB cable plugged in which is providing electrical power. does the SC need to turn itself off, even when powered?

is there anything i can do to keep the SC enabled and ready to play sounds?
i have meetings i need to attend, and when i come back, the computer is ready and all the devices are working except the SC. it needs to be power cycled before it will work again.

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Maybe just have music or something playing at all times even at volume level 1

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Its actully just to save battery on the speaker, thats why it turns off. My bose speaker does that to.

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i understand. but i found it also does it when plugged into a powered usb port and the battery is not being used.

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yeah, that still happens on my bose speaker as well when i am using AUX. probably its energy saving so it can have an energy star badge

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The old Bose mini shows a certain behaviour.
When it is stored for a while idle, its not possible to switch on.
You need to connect it to a charger.
An issue, which could be repaired by updating propably.
I don’t know.

Updates: Old issues repaired, others will show up! :joy:

Agreed, I feel your pain, it’s crazy and infuriating! It’s an excellent speaker, but having to keep turning it back on totally spoils it. Everything is running via Wifi from my machine yet this speaker is the only thing that doesn’t look after itself.

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Thank goodness it’s not just me. Got this device brand new a few days ago and this has been driving me mad. When the device is plugged in to a charging lead, there is NO justification for it switching itself off all the time.

As mentioned by others, even when plugged in to USB charging, and using AUX lead, it STILL insists on switching off.

Anker, people. I love your products - have several - but this is a pretty dumb ‘feature’. Can we get this fixed please? BTW, I did check and there’s no obvious firmware update available for this device.

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I bought mine to act as a phone alert when I’m in the garden.
Totally useless as it just switches off unless in constant use.
For my purposes a complete waste of money.

Same here…. Wireless technology you have to keep getting up to turn back on!!! Well done

Write an email to the “support”.
Good luck!