New Soudncore eMail Deals!



Here are some really nice Soudncore deals! Enjoy them while they last!

Soundcore Pro+ SDCFANSA3142
Flare 2-pack SDCFANSB3161
Soundsync A3341 SDCFANSA3341
Soundcore Model Zero SDCFANS25180
Soundcore SDCFANSA3102

The rest either have coupons to clip on Amazon, or are already on sale.


Flare or Flare+ for around the pool?


Doesnt really matter, since they both have IPX7 ratings. The flare is the louder higher quality big brother.

I would highly recommend that flare 2-pack. It’s 2 flares for the price of one. You can connect them together for stereo sound around the pool :wink:. I have a flare and I love it! If I could get just one for $30, I would buy it.


If someone needs an excellent pair of speakers, go for those 2 Flares.
Summer is coming!


excellent deals :thumbsup:


I actually can’t find the deals on the soundcore site. I also didn’t get the email…

Possible link?


If you look at the photos really closely they have dioxins codes. The code for the flare pack is SDCFANSB3161

I will update the post in a few minutes with all the codes.



You have your D and C backwards - should be SDCFANSB3161



“S” OUN “D” “C” OREFfans!


Great deals!!! :ok_hand: thanks for sharing!!!


Excellent deals!! Thanks for sharing


Great deals! That 2-pack flare would be a great gift for Dad :thumbsup: