New simple sensor: Laser/photo-receptor 'trip-wire' for alerts

Proximity is great and all, but there are so many false positives it’s an absolute pain.
A laser ‘trip-wire’ is literally all I want: has something broken the beam at say, waist height? Yes. Then I want to know. Can I now cover an entire driveway threshold and know again if the beam has been broken? Yes.
These things are insanely cheap, compact and basically all that’s missing is Eufy integration.

Basically anything is possible minus a whole bunch of the annoying false alerts!

Although it is a nice thought to put it here and I can see where you are coming from but you may want to present this to Eufy support so that they can relay it to their techs for a potential review for adding this as a potential solution for a future camera/security

Suggest contacting Eufy support for consideration, as they may review and implement the laser trip-wire idea for enhanced security.