[New Release] PowerPort Atom III Slim (1 Port) | Anker’s First Slim Wall Charger is Now Available!



They should definitely start doing all of them slim like this


Not in english, but more pictures on this site


So slim, hoping it’s quick charger


It appears that it is :wink:


so you have to either reach down under it or having it facing up to be usable… Interesting. I guess it would help behind furniture… But so would a corded version. lol


I think they are oversaturating the market with their products. I know they will sell units with these products but I wonder if it will be a successful product


Looks very coool :blush::blush:


Is this going to be availble outside US ?
I like its form factor and the idea of the wall charger, but it definitely wouldn’t work around here…


Now available to order on Amazon US for $34.99 with stock due on 10th July


They need to clean up some of that listing. A bunch of the specs are for the PowerPort Atom III 60W


Thanks, @ndalby; original post is now updated.


I like it! I’ll get one once it goes on sale!