[New Release] Mynt Cordless Wand-Style Handheld Massager

Mynt is striking again with another new massaging product! This time, we’re talking about a cordless, wand-style, handheld massager. Take a look :eyes:

It looks exactly like a magic wand… Am I right? :laughing: Here are some highlights from the Amazon listing:

  • Powerful Massage: Grab superior, targeted massage therapy that’s up to twice the intensity of an average device.
  • Custom Settings: Choose from 7 vibration modes, 4 speeds, and 2 textured heads for totally personalized refreshment.
  • Cordless: Unplug and use for over 2 hours on a single charge! Perfectly portable and ideal for taking on-the-go.
  • Durable Design: Built from sleek, hard-wearing materials for reliable long-term performance.
  • What You Get: Cordless Handheld Massager, 2 x Massage Heads, Charging Cable, Owner’s Manual, 24-month warranty and fan favorite support.

The Mynt Cordless Wand-Style Handheld Massager is available to order on Amazon right now for an asking price of $49.99.

To my count, this is Mynt’s dozenth product. They sure are releasing them rapidly!

What other massage products would you like to see next from Mynt? Are there any uncharted territories remaining that would intrigue you? Let us know what you think by dropping a reply down below!


Err uh,no comment :no_mouth:


@joshuad11 what did you enter on Google that you found that? :joy: :joy: :joy:


:eyes: :eyes:

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I would like to see them make a hand/arm massager. The kind where you actually stick your hand/arm in and it rolls over it. The only time I saw something like that is at Brookstone with their $3,000 massage chairs. I wouldn’t be surprise to see Anker make a Tens Pulse Unit. Btw, I love that this massager is cordless. Who wants to be tied down by a darn cord?


We actually have a wahl handheld massager with heat. We have maybe used it twice, not nearly as much aswethought we would. The message chair gets used more and hopefully soon the shoulder massager. The handheld units are pointless imo

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This looks like it could be used to massage all sorts :yum:


Get your mind out of the gutter :wink::joy::joy: I’m going to get this for my girlfriend so she can give herself massages when I’m not around. She gets very tense sometimes. It looks like a great deal and has any 24-month warranty instead of the standard 18.

I love that we’re all being super mature about this :joy::joy:


I’m sure an ex had something like that before… Does it use D batteries? Her’s did!


Massaging chair with USB ports

Next thing will be hair clippers and trimmers. I don’t think this makes one a wizard.

My thoughts exactly…

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Almost spit my coffee all over the screen when I saw this post…marketing on this could be a right laugh :laughing:


I guess we all have minds in the gutter, and I too did spit my drink out when I saw this

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Have you guys been watching Sex in the City again? LOL. Remember that scene where one of the gals goes into Brookstone to return one of those massagers? Hahaha.

We’re busted guys​:joy::joy::wink:

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Buy one for your missus and give her some good vibrations whilst listening to the beach boys :wink::joy:

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