[New Release] iPhone LED Flash is Now Available!

Oh the standard ones have been around a couple years now. They plug into the audio jack, which is prob why Anker thought that apple was missing out!

This one is a bit different, in that it’s rechargeable and comes on this stand/clip with like a lazy arm feature… Well 2 lazy arms (one with the light on, and one for.your phone)

Unlike other selfie flashes, it can used as a light… Took less than 30 seconds to find on amazon

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I think this is where I show my age :man:t2:‍🦳
Don’t get me wrong, I take an odd selfie with the boy.
But for those that carry selfie sticks, and now being aware of selfie flashes, my little mind boggles.
To keep Anker high in my estimations I can’t see this as a selfie product, it’s just a flash right! :joy:

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Not sure how.old you are Paul, but.im fifty and for the next 7.months, I’ll still be fifty. Ok July at fifty one, I become a fifty something… That’s a little scary, cos it can mean young fifty, or nearly sixty.

Usual selfie ring, slide on top of the phone, and sit over the forward camera. Like a normal lens ring (in photography, for close up photos, you out the flash (ring) over the lens, allowing you to get close up n even lighting.

My phone for a few years now has a selfie flash… Just before it takes the picture, the whole screen turns white/yellow, to act as a sort of flash, and gives you better lighting than without… A few apps offered the same.

Don’t.let being an old fart, stop you from learning new things and embracing them… Or maybe me n @Chiquinho are different beingnoldies but into tech for years. I had my first internet account in 1996. lol, good old dial up


Hey @MacBlank
I’m 45 in 2020, so we are pretty close in age.

Now a flash for close up photography isn’t a bad idea :+1:t2:
Especially for macro and product reviews, I currently balance a torch on books!

I remember having dial up connection, think it was with AOL.
I bought a Compaq Presario to get online, awesome in its day. Today, less powerful than a basic mobile phone!
Can’t remember when I got it, think it could have been 97 or 98!

Although my first computer was the Amiga 500, got it for Christmas in 1988, that was for games, not sure if a modem was available for it.

I’ve always been into tech, but as I’ve got older I tend to swing towards things that improve quality of life and will benefit me…unless it has a blue LED, I’ll buy anything with a blue LED :rofl:


This was my first computer I had to work with.:wink:

This so called PERM was in use at the University in 1970 beside a TR4 and TR440
(both from TELEFUNKEN)

(punch taped programs written in ALGOL60 or a weird machine code)


That’s not a computer, that’s a room :flushed:
I’ve seen such pictures in TV, remarkable.


The last years I was working for the TUM we were next door to
Leibnitz - Rechenzentrum In Garching but our chair didn’t use their super computer.

Now they got that SuperMUC NG there



There are already lots of products like that. The issue with BT is syncing the flash

The new API Apple released allows direct syncing of the flash via the lighting port to external devices among other new MFi specs

There are several external lights for cellphones but I havent seen anything like this.

With the quality camera coming out of the 11s it’s nice to see something like this. If I make the switch to iphone 11 I’d get it. The 11 with a flash would make great back up camera when on a shoot

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Seems the Innovation team is working, but yet to see the market for this type of products.

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I take pictures of jewelry and other products with my iPhone and would love to test this out! Can’t wait for it to be available!

Secretly hoping for a beta test on this product!

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Unlikely at this point…

Thank you for being interested in this product :wink:
unfortunately this one is only compatible with iPhone 11 and 11 pro for now


this is a MFi certified product so of course for iPhones hahaha
other camera accessories such as tripods, various of tripods to mount with 1/4 tripod mount :wink:


hmmmmm, not for other iphones this time, but in the future? who knows!:eyes:


coming with me?:laughing:

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It is an interesting concept although I usually tend to separate tech functions such as picture taking. Would rather take photo in .raw format and tweak them with photoshop or other editing software.


Lol I have a Samsung :sunglasses:

looking very cool! Less and less reason to use DSLR now.