[New Release] Eufy Security 2K UHD Video Doorbell

Having just installed nest hello I wonder what the operating voltage is?
In the UK wired doorbells seem to work on 6v or 8v including the one nest recommend buying
The problem is that nest hello requires 10v to 24v
Luckily I bought a new chime (the one they recommend) as I ended up wiring the new & old transformers together (primaries in parallel, secondaries in series) to get it to work

The wiring instructions were also in the app and like @Maypo52 the examples didn’t quite match

I’m surprised they made it wired but made the chime unusable so the chime is an oversized PSU and give you a secondary chime that you need to plug in

Would love to try the eufy doorbell to compare it properly but it depends on price if they sell it for in same in GBP as USD then I probably won’t, if it matches the exchange rate I probably will, with the 30% off for being a eufycam backer that would make it £89 ($112) & full price would be £126 ($159)

@hhamster86 it will require 16V-24V (see link below)

I agree, the unusable chime is odd, since the Nest Hello can use your existing chime. The separate chime better be reliable! I also have 2 Google Home Minis, and an Amazon Echo Dot, I hope Eufy can tap into their APIs to also ring those.

Keep in mind though, that this is 2K, so maybe it needs all the power. Perhaps Eufy will release a Slim Doorbell that will be easier to install for more houses :slight_smile:

The Nest Hello will alert all of my Google Home devices saying that someone is at the front door.

It’s nice if I’m upstairs and might not hear the chime.

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I hope @AnkerTechnical can support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa notifications!

Per Google, they specify a connected doorbell (not just the Nest Hello) can ring Google Assistant devices

Amazon Alexa has the Alexa.EventDetectionSensor interface,

“camera devices can notify Alexa when they detect the presence of a person. When your camera detects a person, you report that information to Alexa in a change report, and Alexa notifies your user. Users can set up notifications and routines for person detection in the Alexa app.”

So theoretically, if Eufy detects a person, reports that to Amazon, I could make a routine to turn on my Hue lights, announce on my Echo devices “person detected”, and whatever else I want to do :heart_eyes:

I just contacted eufy support and they say it supports RTSP like the other eufy cameras. Unfortunately after I found out they took the product down on Amazon so I couldn’t make an immediate irrational emotional purchase with the discount code available. I knew I should have just impulse bought it this morning.

Lack of RTSP support is one of the reasons why I haven’t pulled the trigger on a Nest Hello, even though it does support far more of my required integrations than the Ring doorbells.

Thats pretty cool and good to know. Now the 4GB “Local Storage” can be increased to much more “semi-local storage” lol

Great videos, thanks for sharing with us :thumbsup:

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Doorbell out for delivery today! Will do an unboxing video and show setup once I get my hands in it. RTSP would be awesome as I have a Synology to back things up.


Yep got Sonos setup for Google & got Google mini’s that ring then announce when someone presses the doorbell so on can hear it on all floors

If I can get Eufy 2k for less than £90 I’ll get one to try

Google home support I’d say is a must and preferably IFTTT support

Wonder if they will sell additional Sounders at some point, does anyone that has one already know whether the sounder is RF or WiFi ?

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Will it be available in Germany?

Okay, got my initial impressions and unboxing video up! Overall, very impressed with the feature set out of the box. There are some issues with motion detection were I’ve had some missed recordings. Need to adjust the sensitivity and activity zones. Lastly, custom quick responses are awesome!!


What do you make of the video quality? Lifehackster reviewed, and he found it was laggy, and the image was not as detailed as the Nest Hello. Hopefully, he just got a defective unit or something.


darn the code is no longer valid very tempted to try at that price range.

I’m interested in this as well. Might not even bother if it can’t be combined. I already have a Eufy cam pointed at my front door but if I have to use separate apps to monitor the doorbell and the cameras there’s not a lot of benefit for me. I was hoping to move that front door camera somewhere else when installing a doorbell like this.


Eufy Video doorbell uses the Eufy Security app, so no separate app. I am not sure if it is out of beta yet even though it was being sold on amazon. There is still some improvement needed in the lag and occasionally misses events but for the most part it works well.

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Got my eufy security doorbell installed and it works way better than the Ring pro. I’m happy I stuck with the purchase. The video is better, the voice is clear, and love the alert notification pic. I will be canceling my Ring account today!


Do you see an option to store to a NAS or RTSP by any chance?

No option to store to NAS. Maybe something that could be added later?

Unfortunately there isn’t an option at the moment. BUT, you can download the file right off of the app itself to your device. I wish an external storage feature was available but the cam just came out so maybe through an update… I hope

That is what I am waiting for… Let me store my own recordings… Oh, and a white version.