[New Release] Eufy Security 2K UHD Video Doorbell



Looks like Amazon now has it in stock for $159. Not a bad price. I like that it’s local storage as well. Ordered one!




Now in stock and available to order on Amazon US for $159.99


Looking thru the FCC docs, looks like the doorbell only works on 2.4ghz WiFi and on b/g/n? Would have hoped for at least AC. Wonder how that will affect performance and delay.


That’s way to much money imho. I know it’s comparable to other brands, but they’re all too much.


I didn’t see any info about:

  1. WiFi compatibility
  2. Local storage size (on-board only? Micro-SD?)
  3. The ability to save to another device/storage
  4. How does it mount?
  5. How is it powered

Very curious about this device but as of right now, way to many unknown variables.


So I zoomed into the local storage image, and it says 4GB of something? Seems awkward in case you want to upgrade that, 4GB seems good for a couple clips. Hope it comes with H.265! With Eufy highlighted at Apple’s recent WWDC, I wouldn’t be surprised if this supports HomeKit too.


I hope it can ring any Google Assistant speakers or smart displays that you have when it detects motion or gets rung!

From Google’s documentation, it seems like vendors can support that for connected doorbells.


Wow that would be great :thumbsup:


Good catch!! 4GB isn’t really much if we aren’t using x265 at 2560 x 1920 resolution…


Can this connect with the Home Base?

I feel this is a no-brainer if you already have Eufy Cams.


According to FCC it’s running 2.4G WIFI so I would think it could be possible but from the lack of advertising of using with a ‘Homebase’ I’m thinking its going to be more direct with the Eufy Security app to start with…

Perhaps @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical can confirm?


Looks like there is a little more information for the doorbell on their advertisement page https://www.eufylife.com/eufycam2_signup?search=masterbanner&keywords=1_eufycam2us_190612

Also confirms the 4GB of storage:

“What is being recorded and why? Keep a record of everyone who comes to your house and know it’s secure. Secure local 4GB storage that can be relied upon. Automatically save activity footage with peace of mind. No concerns over data leakage or having it stolen.”


I already have the Ring Pro but I’m still thinking about getting this to replace it. Gonna do some research first, then purchase if it meets/exceeds expectations. I just worked a gang load of overtime hours, so got that money burning a hole in my pocket!


Hmmm…that page also says “180 days battery”…I thought this was powered via existing doorbell wires. That’s kind of confusing. If it’s battery powered, going to have to return it.


Don’t purchase it as a replacement without reviews :confused:. Remember that anker has made bad products too…


Agreed! I will read specs and hopefully there will be some reviews out there. Since I already have a Ring Pro I would love to do a comparison of the two… just sayin’


It says wired on the FCC

Maybe it will be like the non Ring Pro doorbells, with battery or wired installation option.


Saw this via Twitter

The company’s latest offering, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell is on sale right now for $112, after you use the promo code SECTDRB2


Wonder if a white version is coming out? That would stand out like crazy on my door… haha