New PowerWave Go 3 in 1 now avaialble

This was originally mentioned in the Anker work from home video with @SoundcoreAdam and I had been waiting for it to launch and stumbled on it in an article the other day and then found it on amazon. Its a little too pricey for me so ill either wait for a sale or just never get it :rofl::rofl:


Interesting, but the price!
I am sure will getting lower in the future.


Agreed the starting price of this is wayyyy to high for what it’s worth. I hope the price will drop to sub 100

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How much are you willing to pay for it?

I would say what I’m willing to pay for it and what I think it’s worth are two different things. I probably wouldn’t consider it ant any price over 100 while I also think it shouldn’t be priced anything over $125

Lol I’d say I’m willing to pay $50 for it top. But seems like they priced it really aggressively coming out of the gate


I’d probably got $75 since the power bank cost around $49.99 and then you’re adding in a Apple Watch charger (does nothing for me since I wear a Fitbit and not an Apple Watch and don’t even have an iPhone) and a charger for earbuds like the Liberty air 2 pro and other wireless charging earbuds. So overall I would say that comes to $75 of value based off the price of powerbanks. But I do not think it is really worth over $100 for me personally but I can see people willing to probably pay 100 for the functionality but over $100 then I don’t know feels like people throwing money to just have the newest thing

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Since it’s aimed to Apple users I’m sure they will find willing buyers lol.
I have a Samsung watch so I couldn’t use this to charge my phone.
I’m really looking forward to seeing how good this sells for the current price

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