New Kickstarter Solix F3800

Emails out here in UK.

No price given and light on details of how exactly you wire into your existing home wiring to power the whole house.

Currently the Powerhouse products aren’t truly inline seamlessly integrated like a real off-grid home setup.

If it’s not inline you have to be home and manually unplug everything from the wall sockets and plug into temporary extension cords to the Anker unit so is of limited value.

I was looking at the Anker site like a few days on this… I think there is a way to connect it to your circuit box by way of an electrician hooking up something so that you can connect it. Although I did not spend a lot of time looking at the setup.


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The sort of innovation I’d like to see now/soon is to merge home backup power with portable powered where you leave one of these plugged into central mains power switch “fuse box” and if mains power goes this automatically kicks in and then when power returns it recharges itself. That way it’s autonomous.

And if you wanted to use portable you unplug it from home and carry/wheel out.

You can then cover more situations.

Maybe they have a portable unit you plug into something you fit into home?

Scenarios this would then cover:

  • power goes out when NOT home.
  • flood warning, you unplug it and move upstairs to power just upstairs items plugged into this with this plugged into mains.
  • take with you in vehicle.

I see it’s on wheels which limits need for strength to move it but also being able to lift it would help. So if you had a base unit and an add-on you could dismantle it into two parts to make each easier to move.