New! Chat Cast on the SOLIX F3800

Find out more about the SOLIX F3800 and the home power panel in this chat cast pilot.

It’s a new thing from SOLIX. It’s a test. An experiment. We’re looking for new ways to engage customers and community members with questions about SOLIX products. Give it a listen on Soundcloud.

Yesterday, I talked with Chuck Cassady, a long-time SOLIX partner and well-established builder of solar systems for Skoolies, regular homes and tiny homes. The man knows SOLIX.

Give the first (last?) chat cast a listen. Let me know what you think. BTW, I’m well aware that I need a new mic, and I suggest the brand provide me with this one, unless you have a better idea.

Do you like getting content through audio channels? Is this something you’d like to see us improve on so you can enjoy it in a more polished form? Tell me.

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