New Anker Venture...Fish & Chips?

Just saw this on my YouTube recommendations and thought it was a fun one to post :grin:

Some of you might have seen this chap before (Yorkshire lad BeardMeatsFood) but for those not too keen on people who do eating challenges (they can be a bit messy :nauseated_face: , more so with a beard :wink: ) viewer discretion might be advised (name while your eating :rofl:)


That was a lot of food :scream:

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Nice one @ndalby the guys a legend.

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In the us it’s hot dog eating in the uk it’s fish and chip eating :joy::joy::joy:


Think I saw him do a hotdog one before the COVID lockdowns, it’s a funny channel to browse through when you have a few minutes to kill during the day…his homemade attempts of worldwide challenges during the UK’s last two lockdowns we’re comical and rather well done for the standard home kitchen :laughing:

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Nice, love this guy. His channel is amazing, love when he makes his own food challenges at home

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We in Bavaria like Sauerkraut, Bratwurst and Bier.
But In München there is another specialty. :
Weißwurst, Breze and what else Weißbier. :joy:

But I dont know if there are such “fun eaters” around.
I remember only, many years ago, one of my colleagues a quite little fellow was eating 7 of the Weißwurst.
That was pretty much.


I’ve watched quite a few of his vids, and am surprised that he isn’t a bigger lad.

The one day he did a double up challenge… two in one day…

Good find @ndalby

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One of his early videos was how he avoided getting fat. Basically he burns a lot of calories on gym work, and he balances his diet by having fewer and smaller meals for many days in calorie deficit.

But yes, in general, as he ages, his BMR will drop and he’d have to eat less.

Also in general, big eaters don’t last long as the sugar shock of large meals wears out every major organ. Thin, eat little and often, is best.


If he he wants to ruin his body this way he should, but … (censored)

His metabolism must be going through the roof…

I’d probably enjoy eating just the fish part…

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Not far off, I reckon she still had space for a small sausage though :sunglasses:

Also, reckon the sign writter took the order over the phone? Anker instead of Anchor?


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There are people in this world starving to death.
Such a “binge” is more than disgusting!

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Agree people are starving but these people who are eating the challenges have to spend days either side eating nothing / little otherwise they get fat.

Yes, an obese person eating a big meal is just selfish but a skinny one is basically eating a few days worth of food in one sitting.

And of course the intention is to eat it all. 1/3rd of food goes to waste with people NOT eating the food on their plates/home.

Roughly the same proportion of people hungry is the same proportion of food going to waste, so it’s the waste of the few causing the hungry of the few. You know not eating all food on plate, throwing food not eaten as gone past date as they bought more than they could eat etc.

These food competitions are not causing hunger.

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He’s in Canada - ey?

@TheSnarkyOne your corner of the world.

I’ve only spend I think 2 weeks in Canada so not that familiar. These are all the places I’ve spent a night.

I know USA much better, these were my 2019 all stop locations before, cough, we were all told to stay home.


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To create such competition shows,
how degenerated our society is meanwhile is.

The "old Romans"did before declining.
We live now in such a “declining empire”


It is a separate set of DNA within all our cells which comes through the mother and is used to track how old is our species and our diversity.

What it shows is humans spent most our time nearly extinct, and become dominant in relatively recent times.

Also our species has developed an ability to consume large amounts of food during times of excess food, to then burn in times of insufficient food. Humans not unique, Polar Bears, Whales, etc. can do similar. That tells us that in forgotten history, the fat kid lived and the skinny one didn’t.

The existence of excess body mass does, agreed, cause the human to need more energy to maintain the food. i.e. fat people need more food to maintain, so yes, a person who maintains excess weight is taking food from someone else, needlessly.


Food challenges is not that. The challenger has to spend time not eating days either side before and after. If they did not they’d end up so much larger you could spot it from their dimensions.

As to your video - look up Mr Creosote. Wafer thin.