Need 65W + 100W Powerpank


i Wish Anker had a Big Powerbank for heavy use on the go.

i have a JBL Xtreme 2 but the Power mode is only aktiv when charing, its need 65 watt @19volt.
or for my Gaming Laptop i need a 100 Watt PD USB C Port, i think 280watt is overkill.
i think its a good idea for a german Power House 100, because nobody realy use 100-240volt ac on the go but 100 Watt PD or 12Volt Car Plug can easy save an Outdoor Trip. Cold Beer And no limits on charing things Up.

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You can always get one of these :joy:


i think 2021 need a big powerbrick like PowerHouse 100
60 watt car jack (good for a cool box, because germany love to go on a river with cold beer in summer)
a big usb c Charger with 100W sounds also very nice. (you can finish your video projects on your trip)
and why have this thing not a 160Wh battery with 100w charching

and i think for german PowerHouse it make sense.
the biger PowerHouse 200+ needs only a bigger charger

Suggestion, while you wait, save time and money.

Most laptops don’t need 100W to operate. They need 100W to operate the internal electronics (cpu, display, etc) but also have excess spare power to also recharge the internal battery e.g. 50W for electronics, 50W to battery.

So if you were to get a 45W Powercore, chances are it is easily able to keep a 100W laptop fully charged, and when the Powercore is discharged, then the battery of the laptop discharges.

So proactive use of lower power, is something you can do now, and is under your control.

100W chargers, not under your control, wait. Best to forget until they exist, as…

Laptops which do need 100W won’t last long anyway off-grid, that’s more of a need for a diesel generator etc.