Nebula Solar turning on by itself

My nebula solar turned on by itself a few times. has anyone else experience it as well or have a fix for this?

Odd issue, contact support :+1:

May be getting too hot.
Is there a cooler with filters built in?
If so, you should clean the filter.

if it is getting too hot it should turn off not on when it is off. and this is a new purchase less than a week of out of the box.

You didn’t mention that.
So write an email to support.
May be it is defective.

I was wondering about a stuck button but if it is off then as stated contacted support.

I do have just a few question.

Is there a certain time it comes on or is it random? I am meaning it turns on when you come in the room or does it come on randomly and you are seeing it on when you go into that room…

Basically is there any pattern to why it is coming on other than randomness

The other question is do you have kids that may have ADHD and are jumping around the house (which I have)? I am thinking that the jarring motion may cause it to come on accidentally

So before I would contact support, you may want to make sure if it is not accidental than a random. If you did find a reason, you can contact on the potentially found resolution as it may can be fixed if needed. .

How did you resolve this problem? Mine is doing the same thing.

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Most probably do not have but I would say that since this was an issue several months ago, there maybe a resolution potentially with customer support.

Although I do not think this would be something they would ask but is it up to date on firmware.

Simply pressing the remote power button only outs the unit to sleep, like a phone. Many things can wake it up. You need to actually turn it off, like a phone. Press and hold the remote power button. This brings up 3 choices, Power Off, Restart, and Screenshot. Use the remote to select Power Off and the unit will actually turn off.