Nebula projector went to sleep at random - twice!

I have had my Anker Capsule Nebula projector for less than a month - very impressed so far. Yesterday, while watching some TV on BBC iPlayer, the projector switched off without warning and seemed to go to sleep. It was easy enough to switch it back on and get right back to where I was in the TV show, but is is a bit of a concern. I have seen in the menus the various “sleep intervals” maybe it’s something to do with this feature(?), but the Manual says very little about this.

Anyone have some ideas or experiences like this?

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Is the battery low? That would be the only reason I can think of for the device to shut off or go to sleep

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Some apps don’t inform the system they are running after some time, which could also cause it - the system would think it was idle after some time and go to sleep.

Try checking the app’s configuration, or increasing the auto-sleep time.

@geoffsankey Sorry to hear this news. If possible, please contact the customer support of BBC iPlayer, it should be something related to them. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any further concern.

Mine started to this last week after a Netflix update. As you sell with Netflix ready to install, could you liase with them? Surely I am not the only one? Thank you

I have the auto shutoff set at maximum - 30mins. I Have had this problem since I bought it, at least while using Netflix anyway. It is only a minor annoyance for me as I have discovered that if you just move your cursor around or do a slight rewind before the auto shutdown kicks in, it doesn’t shut down. I try to do it every 25 mins or so, to avoid interruptions while watching my movies and shows.

Can we have to option to turn off auto sleep or at least extend the time to some hours rather than 30 mins. I am experiencing the same issue in iplayer on my Nebula Apollo and this seems like the simplest fix.