Nebula Max failures in app installation and screen mirroring

Just bought a nifty but rather frustrating Anker Nebula Max. Does anyone know how to fix:
a) impossibility to connect to iTunes or Apple TV either from an app or screen mirroring (due to copyright issues),
b) impossibility to download apps for Infinity, TIMvision, and in fact any streaming service I can think off except the ones already in the menu (Netflix, Amazon Prime) - the Nebula’s internet interface is rather poor.
I am thinking of returning the nebula because it seems a half-baked product. Any advice?

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For starters the max is a great projector, i have it and use it daily. As far as screencast and mirroring, i never could get it to work with my macbook but i have had no issues screencasting or mirroring from my wifes windows laptop. Which led me to think its an issue with apple itself, i stopped trying to fix it since it works on the windows laptop.

Installing apps also hasnt been a problem for me, but i do know others who have had issues. First things first is make sure you are running the latest firmware, then put the projector in developer mode…you need to email or call support for your particular access code. Once its entered you have full access to google play store and can install apps of your choosing.

If I remember correctly, it has a locked google play store. I heard you can email support, and they will give you a code that will unlock the whole google play store

Oops, I just realized you said that right before me lol

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Thank you both. I am now testing the Beta version to unlock google play store. Much happier!

Glad your happy, if you have any questions or ever need help feel free to drop on in and ask away

Bit late to the show .Just purchased and updated to latest software. Input beta code but not updated .Can’t get into about now when following sequence mentioned in instructions from tech support.