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Got this today as well. But there is no link in there other than the QR codes. If that means the “group” is a whatsapp or messenger discussion group, count me out.



Not to go wildly off topic, but the consolidation of public forum ownership (Newsmedia, social media; e.g. Twitter) as a detriment to free speech is nowhere near the damage caused by the consolidation of public forums themselves. Keeping Anker (and Nebula’s) forums free of social-media-giant oversight/hosting/etc. is an important job I hope they continue to take seriously.



Take for example Twitter app, if I look via their app, I am seeing a lot of ads trying to influence me. So I have to use Firefox with ad-block. Then there’s a small number of people influencing, dominating what I am shown. These combine I am not seeing what is representative of reality but a few people’s wish of what I should see.

Given the tight control of media in Russia and China already, we should resist these forced directions outside of these countries. One man’s gangster is another man’s wise supreme leader.

I’d like a flat moderated non-skewed Anker community to be maintained.


Has anyone joined?

For those who are using “unsocial media” only?
Not me.
Thank you NEBULA, you will never see me taking part there.


I use Ublock

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This could be money related. The “free” apps are funded through advertisement, who’s revenue is a function of how many people use it. They thus have to promote the most divisive exciteable information, posts, chats, discussions, to make their platforms addictive.

The “good” part is it is “free” and fun. The sad part is it makes an unreal darker view of reality, an echo chamber where a conclusion is quickly pointed to “facts” to confirm it’s bias was correct, polarising the population into discreet subsets of people absolutely convinced they are correct.

The vendor which uses these “free” platforms have no bills with that platform. Indeed they can make money by monetising material.

Running a community you have costs which you don’t have in the above “free” platforms. You have to admin the platform, e.g. Discourse admin. You have hosting costs (storage, servers, network), and some software costs if not open-source.

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Not high costs at all.
The software and a server and an admin.
But we know all here that the admin was mostly absent the last time.
Of course They can create such a special “Nebula”- group.
I am not taking part, there is no need for me at all, but I wish them good luck of course. :grin:

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