Nebula Capsule 3 Laser Review (German)

Here my review for the Nebula Capsule 3 Laser

I like the compact format of this beamer, however it is quite pricey. You can just buy a random 4k Beamer and still get a Anker 737 Powerbank and a HDMI TV Stick :wink:

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What I see they still use that type of remote control.
I own a Nebula Astro and know about this remote control.

Very bad handling in the dark.
It could be improved so easily but nothing happens.

You mention this, that’s perfect.
Thank you!


An expensive beamer with such a lousy remote control
and those problems when installing features.
Your review is really honest.

Thanks for the feedback. I really hope that they update the remote in the future, but i assume this is not a high priority topic if not enough customers complain.

I am an “old Linuxer” so I dont use those apps normally.
To tell you the truth
My speakers never got any usage and updates by apps.
They work!:grin:
"never change a running system"

I totally agree. From my perspective there should be no need for an update for a speaker or a powerbank :wink: