Nebula Capsule 2 or Capsule Max

Thank you
i will be buy the Capsule Max and contact after the customer service

I’m going to buy one or the other of these … however i cannot find an image of the connections on the Max anywhere. Is it because there is no USB C?
Let me get this 100% correct … can you or can you not charge the Capsule Max while watching? This is important to me for use at work. I certainly cant stop to recharge.

You cannot on Max.
You need the II.
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Is this still necessary?

I have ordered the max today.

What firmware version do you use?

Thanks for the information. How could I find out the hardware info?

I own the Capsula Max and use the GMS (Google Playstore) Beta Firmware.
And yes, I can charge and view at same time. It’s not a problem.

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The max uses an external power jack that provides a higher voltage charge.This makes it a faster charge and concurrent charge ( you can watch while it charges).

Can the Max be charged off a Powercore? I have 18W 9V 2A 20000mAh.

I see USB-A for media, no mention of charging via it, and I see the 15V 3A barrel type.

Did you spot this?

Seems a way to get Max to charge from an Anker Powercore?

have you find a solution for use a powerbank for a Capsule Max ?

thank you

I owned the Max for less than a day, returned it.

I didn’t try 15V with the Max but the 5V to 15V cable looked a good likely candidate, compare barrel size to be sure.


I’m also having doubts between these two. The 2 has my preference, because of the usb C port. I have several chargers and I find it easier to not have a single charger for only 1 product.

So I have these questions:

  • Is the image and soundquality the same? (the specs both equal)
  • Can the 2 be charged by ANY usb charger? A simple 2.4A 5V one to?

For me it is not to important to watch and charge at the same time. But it would be a plus if is possible. But as mentioned above, I don’t like a special charger that can be used with a single product. I will mostly use the projector for projection on a ceiling.

Hey, really interested in buying one of these for my first apartment. Can the max and 2 stream NFL or NHL games when connected my Macbook Air?

Hi there,

Both Capsule Max and Capsule II support airplay (Capsule II needs to install Nebula Manager app first), so theoretically, it will be also to stream. But copyrighted content won’t be able to work.

We will see if we can help you install the apps on the Nebula to watch directly if you have any issues. Thank you!

Anker Support Team

Hi there,

Please be noted that Capsule 2 and Capsule Max have the same image and sound quality. But Capsule Max charges through AC charger with 15V/3A or 19V/2A. Capsule 2 needs to be charged through PD charger which is capable of 30W. Standard 5V/2.4A USB charger might not work well.

Thank you!

Anker Support Team

thanks for answering all these questions, one final one I have is the Capsule Max capable of charging while projecting?

I have the Capsule (not Max), and this can be charged while it is projecting. Should be the same for Max.

I had the Max and yes it can be charged while using, the Max had non-USB barrel charger type.

Note that does mean it recharges fast but also means it cannot be powered from a typical portable charger, although we suspect a USB 5V step-up cable would probably work.


I just acquired the Capsule max.
Has anyone tested the USB 5V step-up cable to load the device from a USB charger?

Would loading it that way damage it or would loading just be slower?

Thank you

Here is the summarize differences I found between the CAPSULE II ----- MAX
Charger : USB-C ---- AC
CPU : Amlogic S905X (4 cores, 64-bit) ---- Octa-Core A53 Chipset
GPU : Quad Core Mali 450 ---- Adreno™ 506
ROM : 8GB ---- 16GB
OS : Android TV 9.0 ---- Android 8.1
BLUETOOTH: 4.0 ---- 4.2
Extra: includes chromecast ---- includes horizontal keystone

Question - based on the above do you find the USB-C/Chormcast more/less important than horizontal keystone

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