Nebula Apollo - So What Is It?

Prizm is boxed up and set aside in storage at home for last 3 months now :grin:

Using Capsule 2-3 times a week for Movies , Programs, paired with Flare Mini Stereo Pair Or Rave Mini for audio output.

Don’t have many apps on the Capsule, have kept it very light, use AirScreen to cast (Chromecast) from Plex, Disney, Youtube to Capsule, this works pretty well and smooth.

Capsule also has Airplay support via the AirPin Pro, works well most of the time, but prefer Capsule with Airscreen with Casting… never fails, works 100%

Use the Nebula Connect (on iPhone) as remote for Capsule in Mouse Controller mode.

Brightness is OK when used at Night with total darkness, but not so great if used during the day.

With so many details … May be I should simply write a complete review some day :rofl::rofl:


Do you use it with a screen or just project onto a wall?
Have you tried it outside at all?

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Project to Wall (light beige color) looks good. … always used Indoor,


So you refer to the Prizm deal but you own similar and don’t use it due to complexity of setup?

I used Nebula Prizm for almost 3-4 months and liked it much till the time I got the Capsule. It is good for what it does, and for the price.

There is always an audience for the product who are looking for a budget projector and a good one. I have still kept it as a backup, just in case…

Had I not won the Capsule, might have still been using Prizm (Anker 3rd year anniversary auction)

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With many people I know around me having soon to go through a 2-3 week stay at home, I have some prior experience of that, not this virus but I had a different medical issue in the past where I was trapped not allowed to do much for 2-3 weeks before, and after 3 weeks I could not stand it and went outdoors and said I’d keep isolated from people. About 30 years ago. Pre-internet so basically only books, newspapers, and radio then.

So I’m thinking of a projector I can move from room to room, house to house, wiping it down in between to make a home cinema in a moving bedroom. Or in an outdoors isolation mode in a garden. If someone can be made happier in a small space it will help them and everyone else too. Easier than moving a flat-screen and just needs a clear-ish wall.

Cabin fever… kills more people than actual fever…

It is just it seems with a projector it is a straight choice between portable simplicity vs cost and between size and brightness. Then people advised to be in a room with window open, so curtain open so often daylight coming in, which is a good thing and seems the small projectors are dim.

So I’m in pre-buy research and thinking mode. May just buy nothing as nothing seems an obvious good idea.

There’s about 20 people I care for, do their shopping etc.

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Would this idea a Max owner said worked, apply to this Apollo too?

Hello. I just bought the Apollo. The first thing I did was plugging in the charger and wait. After a while I turned it on, but the battery was still at 20%. I have tried many times to charge it now, tried to wiggle the cable and everything, but still nothing. The indicator light only blinks red which means the battery is low. Anyone else had this problem? I live in Europe. The charger was a US type with EU plug adapter


Sounds like a dud charger. Is it working at all? Is it feeling a little warm? The wall socket works, not tripped by coincidence? The US-EU adapter works? Folding pins are shorter so try different adapter and try inverting upside down. I am surpised you were sent the US model, you should have got EU model which inside the box has a slide down special adapter in the box, that is required to solve the folding short pins problem, if your EU adapter is genetic, your US pins are not getting far enough in, could be the cause.

This is a UK example

Observe it is not a generic plug adapter, they may not work as US folding pins too short.

If you have another 15V 3A positive tip with same barrel you could try that. You probably don’t.

But sounds like a dud so contact Nebula with your order and serial number details.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I have been looking through all my chargers and tips, but no one match. So I will have to buy a cheap one tomorrow.
No heat. Can I test it with a multimeter?
I took it out, plugged it in. Not been tripped.
I have sent an email, so hopefully I will get an answer tomorrow :blush:

Good the supplied slide down click type. I found a video eventually for EU

If you have a meter then eliminate it to charger will help.

If you do try another charger it cannot exceed 15V and must be positive tip, nothing else.

I found a 5v charger, may be to weak.
I also took a look into the plug hole on the Apollo too see if anything was broken inside.

Tho it’s hard to tell if anything looks bad here since I don’t have anything to compare with

No 5V won’t work.

Nebula support will go through their standard questions. You’ll likely be asked to reset the Nebula.

Thank you for your time. This is the Apollo so the reset may be different from the capsule. I will post an update when I know more :slight_smile:

I know. But could not find the reset Apollo instructions…

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I also have this problem too.

@Mathias2803 did you get it fixed?

Hello. No I had to return it and get a new one. The product had a defect…

for the reply,

I’m returning my one too and getting the capsule 2 , amazon has an offer at the moment.

Thanks again