Mystery Box?! What are Your Thoughts?

In case you missed it in your email, Anker has two really awesome Mystery Boxes that you can purchase! I normally hate random draws like this, but with Christmas right around the corner, there is something for everyone on my list. So no matter what comes in the mail, I can put it to good use, and maybe you can too!

Check out the boxes below and let us know what your thoughts are! As for me, I’m going to be busy explaining to my wife that I purchased something from Anker… but have no idea what it is! :crazy_face:

Want to check it out online? Just click here!


Risk parameter very high! What are odds of favourable event? On the link the one with nebula projectors seems to be missing…


The last time i bought 2 mystery boxes of Ankermake. Total disaster :wink:

Looks like now they have at least something of value included.


What were there inside your box? Might be something different this time!:thinking:

I think this is a cool idea! Nice!!!

This is so tempting

I was very tempted as soon as they threw the Powerhouse in the pic :joy:

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When I was a kid those “grab bags” had been offered.
(cheap toys inside)
But one could feel/touch the content.:grin:


In my case there were plastic toys, tattoos, and sometimes coins :joy:. In your language “those old good days…”.


I now have 2 packs of new noozles for my Ankermake M5, but these are less worth then the original price of the mystery boxes. Thank god they accepted my feedback and created mystery box where you at least receive something worth the money you paid :rofl:


You mean earlier boxes were totally unpredictable in terms of products? This time i think its different then.

Great idea,pity seems only for those south of the 49th parallel….


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Not to forget those over the pond. :confounded:

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Just got mine and I’m not happy. I spent $60 on what ended up being a conference room power charging station. This thing only costs $99 new from Amazon. I figured I’d at least get a few things thrown in to get the price up closer to the $800, but no its a bait and switch.


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Got mine today…$19.99 Mystery Box.
Result: $25 USB C Cable.

At least it’s useful, but about as as interesting as a beige wall. Won’t bother with that again.

Sorry to say I was disappointed! I got the least expensive item from the $59.00 box. Got the spoiler from my shipping notice email. Not to mention the item I received is on sale at Best Buy for a few dollars more that I paid for it. Not worth it in my opinion.

Lesson learned.

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The main problem beside beeing a lottery, the package does not delivery anything special at all. I just comes with a regular package and it seems the mystery is resolved once the item is picked for delivery :grin:

I wish they would something special to these mystery boxes making it worthwile.

Usual doubleposting.:rofl:

You forgot to mention our famous “Mr. Random”.
He is the one who picks up these misteries using a blindfold.:grin:

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What a rip I bought both packages so basically $80 and got two of the same thing ( two 735 wall chargers) that cost $76 buck on Ankers website right now. Never again!