My Soundcore Spirit X review

I recently brought these when they became available on Amazon for 15 bucks…at that price it’s a no brainer. This is my unbiased review.

Upon receiving these I am greeted with the standard Anker blue and white packaging…I really wish they would have stuck with the white and yellow/gold they had for the Zolo packaging. The Zolo packaging was different and expressed a higher level of quality that the standard blue and white does not.
Once opened up you are greeted with a carry case, inside this semi-soft/hard case is the new spirit x headphones. These headphones, despite the packaging feel and look very premium. They are made of a combination of rubber and plastic, the rubber coating is rather subtle and covers the earhooks that help secure these to your ears.

The cable that connects the two sides is well made, it has a pass through puck which helps control the extra cable and slack. I have a 21 inch neck and I still had to use the puck to control the extra slack, there is also a clip so you can clip it to your shirt or whatever to also aide in cable control.

I paired these with my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, pairing was literally within seconds. I turned my bluetooth on my phone on, turned the spirit x on and clicked on them and bam they were connected.
The ear tips and earwings that came attached did not fit my big ears, so I had to upgrade them to the large size that came with them. The ear wings were a nice touch as it helped secure and seal the headphones better than just the eartips like other similar style headphones. One thing I liked is how well these sealed to my ears once I got the earwings and eartips sized for my ears.

Sound quality wise, these get somewhat loud…imo they could be louder, but because they seal of the outside noise they are loud enough for most people…I’m just deaf. These accurately reproduce the highs and lows of classical Jazz music, from the saxophone to the bassline I was impressed. I compared these to my soundcore surge headphones, which those got loud and you could hear and feel the bass, but these are better able to reproduce the sound and vocals associated with smooth jazz. Switching up to rap and rock, these equally impressed me. The bass is easily heard, although not felt like I do with the surge.
Over the course of using these for about a week now, they have only gotten better. As the drivers got broken in I can hear more of the vocal range and the bass is more subtle and not abrupt. Overall, I really like these and will continue to use them over the surge. I have thoroughly put them through the paces with me sweating like crazy at work and also at home through workouts, these have seemingly survived thanks to their sweat guard and nano coating technology. Only time will tell how well these hold up to sweaty workouts.

For those looking to get a new set of headphones, I would definitely recommend these to others especially at the price point I got these. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my ability


Thanks for the great review and pics. I’ve been think about getting a pair of these when my slims+ need to be retired. How long is the cord from ear bud to ear bud? Does it pull on your neck when you turn neck?

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They look like great workout buds. Are you able to move one of the buds away from you ear if you want to hear ambient noise too? When I’m walking, I don’t like to have both earbuds in. I want to be able to hear my surroundings too. Never know about those crazy drivers.

Great review, @elmo41683! I also prefer the yellow packaging (and charging cord) that came with the Zolo earbuds. :grinning:

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The cord from ear to ear is very lengthy at 22 inches, that’s why it’s great that they included the pass through puck and clip to help control it. I actually like the length because I can have one on my right ear and put the other side in my shirt pocket and move about without it pulling out.

@Nhi you can easily pull it slightly out of your ear and still hear it. I actually have to do this when I’m at work because I have to be aware of my surroundings. They still sound great, but I’m deaf so i always want louder haha.

Great job Rob :thumbsup:

I’ve just got mine too so will be testing them out this week :grin:

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Excellent review and pics @elmo41683 :ok_hand:

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Excellent review @elmo41683! And nice pics, too!

I’m meaning to replace my running earbuds for a while, and those would be great. I hope I win a pair on the giveaway because, alas, it’s not on sale on Canada yet…

Great review and nice pics @elmo41683 :clap:t2:

Do you think the standard blue and white box implies a “cheaper” product?
I actually quite liked when they started to slightly emboss the boxes, as to me that gave them a more premium look. (Like the box the Powerline+ || cable came in.)

I associate the blue and white with Anker, where as the Zolo brand was white and yellow. I was able to distinguish the difference between the two, and now soundcore merged with zolo I just wish they kept the colors.

I’m in agreement with you I think the different colour boxes were/are a good idea. Although I’d love to see more of the embossed packages also being implemented. :+1:t2:

excellent review @elmo41683

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So when I initially used these for the first week I basically set it and forget it, without really using the controls much. But after using them the past two nights at work and having to constantly use the controls to pause/play or adjust volume and even change songs…I am rather disapointed.
The buttons are layed out in a way that it’s easy to feel for the buttons you want, but if your looking to just grab and press the right button it is a bit harder to do as they are practically all the same level. On my soundbuds surge the center play/pause button is raised above the others so it’s easy to grab and press what you want, but on these I actually have to feel for the right button. If you have gloves on, it makes it that much harder to press correctly, last night at work was the worst for me as I constantly raised the volume instead of pausing the music.

I’ve noticed that. There is hardly any gap between them either so it feels like 1 long button at times. Will be adding it to the review.

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Great review I would love to get my mits on a set of these. Hopefully they make an appearance in the power draw soon.

Update: after using these consistently every night while at work I am happy to report that these have gotten even louder. The more they get broken in the louder they have gotten and the bass response is even better than before. I am actually amazed at how well these sound now, I am also happy to say that these have now replaced my Zolo Liberty+. The sound, coupled with the distance I can use them and I don’t have to worry about one falling out my ear makes this a no brainer choice. This is now my highly recommended earphone of choice for anyone looking to get a new pair.


I wonder if the other spirit earphones are the same and just need to be “broken in”. While I thought the sound quality was good, a lil more bass would be nice :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the zolo liberty+ but at almost half the price it sounds like the spirit x / spirit earphones are great value for money.

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It wouldn’t surprise me I’ll f they did produce more warmer notes once they are broken in more. Generally I run my headphones through JLabs headphone breaking tracks to loosen them up and to help them sound better, but I wanted an unadulterated test and feel for these. But I am happy at how well they sound now over when I first got them

From what I have read from some other audio sources I was convinced speaker and headphone break in was unnecessary but you have inspired me to give it a go. As you have provided a continued wealth of knowledge
I have full faith in your experience and suggestions. Thanks for the tip.

My spirit x wires got little scratches because of my long nails. The other scratch has a super tiny bit deeper not sure if it made a super tiny hole. How durable is the spirit x wires. Does yous have scratches too? Still safe for sweat after? Or even if submerged?