My review of the Soundcore Motion X600 speaker

Hey all,

I was fortunate enough to be selected to “Trade-in” my Motion + speaker for the Soundcore promotion here:

I didn’t receive the device until Sunday July 30th, and had to have a review (post) (and collect likes) with a turn-around of a week (August 7th). I did my absolute best to test every aspect of the device I could think of and which mattered to me, and spent a significant amount of my time getting it done. I am by no means an influencer, nor professional reviewer so forgive my lack of videography here.

I’m also not one to beg for likes, but Soundcore has put beta testing vetting behind “likes” on social platforms:

“Post any picture or video of Motion X600 on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook”

“We’ve also got some extra-special prizes for the top 5 most-liked posts on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. If your post is in the top 5, you could win up to $500! You’ll also have the chance to become a beta user, which gives you first access to new products.”

I’m really hoping to try to do this more in the future, so if you think it is worthy of a like, please do so. I’m also hoping others in the forum got the same opportunity!


I should also say, if by some unbelievable miracle I end up getting some cash, it will be put right back into an Anker product for review. I’m more interested in being eligible for testing again. I’ve also got a backlog of Anker devices to create reviews on, along with some new stuff coming in. Let me know if you all would want me to create any other videos (or just give a quick blog review).


Great review! I’m always nervous about doing the water test, but I’m glad this one held up and proved its worth!


Makes me nervous too, but I don’t see many people risk it so for me it was worth it to give others peace of mind. I certainly don’t want to be producing more electronic landfill, but if it isn’t tested then is it really water resistant? Thank you!


Wiol take a look later, but I am sure you made a good job.
Enjoy the weekend

Hm, found an error in my post above.
But I cant do a correction.

Regarding the review of the X600.
You made a good work @thebassline :+1::+1::+1:

Not such useless propaganda “unpacking videos” as we usual see.

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Thank you!

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Will try to look at it but been driving back from vacation


NOTED, SIR. Thank you.

I wonder what would happen if you dropped the links to your socials here, assuming you do the socials.

I’m in process of disabling all of my socials…the only reason I still have FB is for the Solix group and messenger. I still see value in YT, so that is staying up. Anyway, the promotion to be able to be in future beta tests ended yesterday. I didn’t receive the speaker until the 30th, which left 8 days to post the video and get the pre-requisite “likes”, which just wasn’t feasible. I just didn’t have the time to get a review out in time to get enough momentum. I appreciate it.

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Thank you for testing! And reviewing here, and most especially for doing the dreaded IPX-WHAT test, haha.

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I never had such ones.
I am definitely unsocial. :joy: