My Review of the Anker Soundbuds Slim+

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The video says it all.

I am also one of the Soundbuds Slim+ Tester.

Initial reaction to this = Mind-blown

My overall opinion: These sound amazing. They beat my premium pair of Hardon/Kardon Earbuds. It is that good.

Form-factor is very nice. Overall construction was solid. Very minimal, which I am a very big fan of.

Now sound quality: Bass is plentiful, but not overwhelming. Treble is present that is equal to base. Overall clarity in vocals and music is very good.

The hard-carrying case is an amazing bonus to have.

My Pros:
Bluetooth pairing (Galaxy S6)
Overall fit and ergonomics are amazing
Audio quality passes quality of Hardon/Kardon Earbuds

None to be honest.

Overall, a very high quality product.

Thank you Anker for giving me this opportunity to try out your stuff! I <3 You all!!!



Ahh that’s what they are called “ear fins”

I agree, just buy Anker. They stop me using anything Bluetooth from anyone else. $20-$30 gets you so much goodness.

I’d prefer it to be USB-C port it is just easier to insert a symmetric cable port. Most of us own USB-C devices now already.


Yhsnks for the great Video review

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Good review…just want to add a couple of things.
Your video is in the longer side and. I lost interest half way in, but I watched to the end, maybe keep it short and to the point. Also a few of the shots we couldn’t see all of the product, try to focus on that more because as a consumer we want to see what we are getting and not so much packaging. But overall good job

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Great review !

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Thank you for your input! Your feedback is so quick, but we can still feel that you’ve spent a lot of time making this video! So good job!:clap:

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great review :blush:

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