My Review: Anker PowerPort Atom PD1

Nice review @Monk3e thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your review, @Monk3e !

Did you mean a 2018 MacBook Air instead of 2015? The 2018 model has USB-C, the 2015 doesn’t.

Your OnePlus results are dead on. Both OnePlus DASH and Huawei SuperCharge fast charging are incompatible with all other fast charging standards, such as USB Power Delivery which the Atom PD 1 uses. No third party charger will fast charge a OnePlus or Huawei USB-C phone.

Sorry, queuebitt, meant the 2015 Macbook (I always say Air, forget there used to be days where apple didnt add on dumb monickers to seperate their devices of the same line)

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification. Otherwise I was going to ask the adapters used to connect MagSafe to USB-C :wink: I know a few folks who would love that.

Nice review, thanks for sharing @Monk3e

@professor Agree, prongs and ports are the ones coming up all the time, more ports would be big plus to the product!

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So I would not criticise the Atom 1, I think its specific design is about “wow its so small!” to get attention plus the non-folding pin type design is easier to make a universal core as you just stick a bit of solder and press on the country specific final pins so a UK version and EU version is a tiny design difference. Folding pins is a very muc a USA specific design.

My main problem is just the delay, waiting for decent more useful items. My view is the smaller an item, the less important its size becomes, I’m more interested in shrinking multiple chargers into one and sharing power budget across many devices, so a decent 3-4 port is a long wait. The absolute space saved of shrinking a 60W is greater than in shrinking a 30W.

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Atom PowerPort PD1+ May be upgraded model with the updates such as foldable prongs and 2-3 USB-C ports

What say @AnkerOfficial :slight_smile:

So as a parallel read-across of the problem with small chargers and folding pins is this model (not PD)

The lack of a long edge against the wall and weight of a long heavy USB cable means the item falls out the wall easier. What happens is the lower friction against the wall causes it to pull out, and the pins have to be shorter to not be protruding (to scratch items in bag) so there’s less friction inside the socket to keep the item in. The smaller the item the more it becomes forced to non-folding. This is why we really need 2 or more ports, I’d say with USB C sockets a 45W larger one with folding pins with 2 or more ports is going to be a winner.

A non-folding 1 port in your bag is about the same size as a 2 or 3 port folding pin in external dimensions.

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Great review. I got one of these and love it. I only use to charge my Note 8 and one of my powerbanks. Its so fast and when I get my new notebook I will use this charger to charge my notebook.

That’s something I hadn’t considered. I took my Atom PD 1 and compared its prongs to an AUKEY PA-Y18 (18W USB-C PD, closest in size I have) and Anker’s older 30W USB-C PD charger.

The prongs on the AUKEY PA-Y18 (which fold) are longer. Hard to measure, but around 2 mm difference. The AUKEY weighs 1.5 oz, the Atom weighs 1.9 oz.

The prongs on the Anker PowerPort Speed 1 USB-C are the same length as the Anker PowerPort Atom PD 1. The older Anker weighs 3.6 oz, the Atom weighs 1.9 oz.

Based on that the Atom PD 1 seems to have a reasonable prong length. If you haven’t had problems with Anker’s older 30W USB-C PD charger then you won’t with the much lighter Atom PD 1.

I don’t know if it matters, but the Anker prongs end with a right angle while the AUKEY prongs curve.

Excellent post, you own these and pictures!:clap:

So I own the Aukey. I have to use it for recessed sockets. That cut-off corner cannot be the side experiencing the force, the Aukey just slopes down and doesn’t quite fall out but close to, and I have to either have wires pulling perpendicular to socket or have it up against something, like another charger just below the cut-out side.

So there is a minimum size for folding pins. If you’re going to have all of that space, might as well have more USB ports.

I don’t have the Atom 1 to measure pins, good to know they are shorter (but why…)

Those 12W folding pin dual sockets are perfect little travel chargers, I use mine as a backup and for more ports and for awkward placed sockets (recessed desk and under-floor sockets). I bought 3 for $5 each years ago. Because I have these as backups, my main workhorse charger being 3 sockets would be fine.

Picture comparisons definitely show off the size advantages

Wonder if the Atom PD 2 will have foldable pins…

Atom 2 for sure looks like folding pins

Atom 4 looks C19 cabled

The puzzle is there is loads of space to fit 2 Type A ports on the Atom 2 to share out the 60W. Most devices don’t need their max input most of the time, so intelligent Atom 2 please.

Anker says they have surprises so as they already announced these there must be more in the works?

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Oh nice! I guess I never really paid attention to the stock pictures when they first showed them. Also, I wasn’t expecting the Atom pd 4 to be that big.
Anyway thanks for posting the pictures man!

Yes, only the Atom 1 is GaN, so the 2 and 4 are relatively big. That made me buy the older 60W as cheaper smaller and I only own one PD device currently.

So I’m currently thinking 2020 is the year when we see both powerful and smaller

The Atom 4 is also expensive.

Yes I totally agree with you. I’m sure price will eventually go down, and I’ll probably get it then, but I’m in no rush

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I guess I’m carrying one of these for a tad longer

Nice review and pics, good job! :+1: