My first 20 mins with the Eufycam 2 Pro (German)

Hi everyone,

thanks to the Anker influencer program i had the chance to have a look into the Eufycam 2 Pro. Nice camera with easy installation. Only the connection to my Amazon Echo Show needs an improvement. Lets have a look how long the battery will last.



Nice video review

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I hope it performs great :+1:

No it is NOT as this are two DIFFERNT products, as i told you already in the other thread.

So far so good. No major problems. Video quality is fine. I also used the cameras to store the videos on my QNAP NAS.

Hey Guys!!
Used to love the Floolight cam 2 pro after the last firmware update. bought it like 3 o 4 months since the last firmware upgrade it is being a nightmare camera. This surveillance camera don’t and I have to rest much time in a day to show the image or lose connection while you are watching. Many times tried to get some response from customer support, but they even know anything.
Eufy cameras are not good. I wish I did a much better search when I was looking for a surveillance camera don’t trust those guys on youtube that get paid by this company to show something that is garbage.

I think the main problem with Eufy hardware is the software. Camera and especially the batteries do a good job, but the apps lack some love to provide a consistent positive user experience.