My current emergency kit

So I saw this in the news

My thoughts are with those impacted.

What I do is I assume the worst and hope for the best. For many years I lived right next to a major tectonic slip fault meaning my house would be at risk of destruction and I may be inside the property at the time. So that meant some specific Anker products.

I am next living only 11 meters above sea level, and with global warming, my next most likely risk is flooding (storm surge when high tide with high local rain). Where I’m living now I’m 33m above sea level and the local stream is many feet lower down and I’m on a brow of a hill. So right now flooding is not my risk (probably fire, or tree falling on house).

If I did live in those places flooded, I’d have probably have seen being flooded as my main risk.

So I keep a “grab bag” for when home and need to leave ASAP.

  • Dry bag so contents dry even after leaving during wet conditions
  • Anker LC90 flashlight.
  • Wool top (wool is not cold when wet)
  • Anker 20000 PD - this is a week’s power for 1 person or a few days for a couple of people.
  • Anker Nano charger 18W
  • Spare phone (in dry bag) - my older prior phone not yet bust as a spare.
  • not activated SIM.
  • Foam sit mat (you can stand on in winter)
  • umbrella (sun protection or rain protection)
  • Seasonally I add a down jacket or a thin windproof, these pack about the same size but handle cool or cold difference seasonally.
  • Cash.
  • Bottle of water. Some energy bars.

I usually leave house on a bike. In my bike bag is similar to the above. My bike makes electricity so I can bike+recharge

I have two bike bags for short and long trips, and each has a Anker LC40 , and a Powercore 10000 or 20000, and a Nano charger.

I rotate the Powercore, I use one for my daily use, move onto the next and recharge the prior. In total I have 6 Powercore and just rotate around each in turn. So in total if it was just a simple power outage, I’d easily last a week without power.

I do also own 2 solar panels, these are for the rarest of situations, a power outage so long my Powercore not sufficient. I test them periodically (say once a year).

Do you have a grab bag? What’s in yours? If you don’t - why not?

In reality, I tend to offer my grab bag contents to others and not need myself. So probably what would happen is we each were prepared we’d meet each other and share our items and the cold person never needs to be cold, the thirsty person never needs to be thirsty, the hungry person never needs to be hungry, and the person with no phone or a flat battery doesn’t need to suffer either. If every person is independent, then collectively we can help those who are not independent.


Sounds like you are ready in case something bad happens. Which is a good idea to always be prepared. I don’t keep a bag like that at home but I do in my car lol. I have a Ziploc bag with a charger, cable, $100 cash, and a jug of water (not in the bag lol) oh and tape, for some reason I carry tape in my car :rofl:

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Lol I do have WD-40, just not in the car. Hope you have a great weekend :+1: