Moving devices from Homebase 2 to S380 Homebase

I added a S380 Homebase to replace my Homebase 2. I moved all devices from my old Home to a new Home including the Homebase 2. Can I remove the Homebase 2 and the devices stay connected to the S380 or do I have to individually connect each device? Thanks in advance.

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Did you ever get an answer on this?

Also did you have to manually add all your existing devices to the S380?

No. I just moved all the cameras and sensors and deleted the older Homebase.

This ins’t directed to/at the OP but to Anker/Eufy… Seriously, Anker/Eufy, you can do better. You push the Homebase 3 as an upgrade option to people with systems that work perfectly fine, and then you inflict this pain on them to do the actual upgrade? What are you thinking? I can almost tolerate the (silent) removal of the WiFi connection to the router, perhaps reliability/etc was a concern and there was a legitimate reason to remove it, but that certainly wasn’t put front and center so people were aware of it. And now this pain? I suppose it has to do with encryption keys exchanged/created during the sync process, but it is all your ecosystem, why you can’t manage that automatically is a bit rediculous.

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Totally agree. i just upgraded and it will not be possible to exchange directly due to lack of wifi… stealthy advertising!

Upgrade to the latest firmware (latest is – must be or greater for wifi) on the HomeBase3 (S380) and you will be able use the phone app to change to WIFI (under SETTINGS > GENERAL > CONNECTION – amazingly let’s you pick your SSID to use then enter your password ! Then you can unhook from your router, power down and move to new location and powerup and it connects to the Wi-fi. Still no easy way to move devices from old Homebase to a new one (that I have found).

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Anker/Eufy team PLEASE push an update that allows us to easily move devices from HomeBase 2 to HomeBase 3. This is not rocket science…and would encourage more to upgrade if you can promise a seamless transition - along with the new features that HomeBase 3 provides.

Is there still no way to migrate camera from HB2 to HB 3, this should have been the first thing that was put into the planning cycle

Did this ever get simplified?

WTF ? Really ? (and Really !)

Just seeing this.

Someone needs to get their knuckles busted…
talking to you “Product Development” :hammer:

I bought a Homebase 3 ages ago, to upgrade my doorbell camera with extra storage. I’m disabled and can’t even reach the location for a doorbell, so had it installed by an electrician.

Of course when Eufy sent this chance for a cheap upgrade with extra storage I jumped at the chance. But originally Homebase 3 didn’t have WiFi, which due to a lack of sockets meant there was no way to power it near my router. And I wasn’t going to run a network cable across the room. So shelved it awaiting the update support informed me was coming and give me WiFi.

The update happened, I added the Homebase 3, did the WiFi update. But then I looked into moving the doorbell within the app, and ran into the OPs issue! And as I’m unable to reach the doorbell, there’s no way to physically sync the doorbell, so shelved the Homebase 3 hoping maybe a future update will solve this.

I recently changed broadband suppliers, so needed to update my SSID. Of course my physical limitations meant I couldn’t get to the Homebase 2 to change its WiFi immediately. But in the meantime the doorbell would ring, but of course the Homebase is not connected to my WiFi so I couldn’t connect in the app. So now concerned the Homebase and doorbell are somehow connecting to each other using the old SSID, and if I update the new SSID I’d be left in the upgrade dilemma with the doorbell and need to resync it physically. But support said it would connect automatically after updating the SSID on the Homebase. So attached the Homebase 2 to my router, did the change through the app, and everything connected.

So here’s the rub. That means these devices are not connected via your WiFi network, as most would expect. Any camera is connected wirelessly to the Homebase direct! Hence you can’t move cameras in the app. Because each device is wirelessly connected directly to that Homebase! So how on earth are devices at extremes of your house supposed to connect if they are out of range of the Homebase? What if your property is large enough to need WiFi extenders? Well that sucks if you wanted a doorbell and a camera over your backdoor! Well only if each device is within range of the Homebase. And even in my small house I use an extender to give me WiFi in the back garden.

Eufy really needs to bring their technology into the 21st Century. This seems something like a 90s cordless phone. And we all know how unreliable they were if you moved too far from it’s base.