Moving devices from Homebase 2 to S380 Homebase

I added a S380 Homebase to replace my Homebase 2. I moved all devices from my old Home to a new Home including the Homebase 2. Can I remove the Homebase 2 and the devices stay connected to the S380 or do I have to individually connect each device? Thanks in advance.

Shameless bump

Did you ever get an answer on this?

Also did you have to manually add all your existing devices to the S380?

No. I just moved all the cameras and sensors and deleted the older Homebase.

This ins’t directed to/at the OP but to Anker/Eufy… Seriously, Anker/Eufy, you can do better. You push the Homebase 3 as an upgrade option to people with systems that work perfectly fine, and then you inflict this pain on them to do the actual upgrade? What are you thinking? I can almost tolerate the (silent) removal of the WiFi connection to the router, perhaps reliability/etc was a concern and there was a legitimate reason to remove it, but that certainly wasn’t put front and center so people were aware of it. And now this pain? I suppose it has to do with encryption keys exchanged/created during the sync process, but it is all your ecosystem, why you can’t manage that automatically is a bit rediculous.


Totally agree. i just upgraded and it will not be possible to exchange directly due to lack of wifi… stealthy advertising!