Motion Q freeze with white light

Hello all,

I was connecting my soundocore to my iphone (i had done several times before), but this time the device just frooze with the white light on it.

At the manual it says that this color means “Connecte to True Wirelles Stereo” but i don’t have another soundcore.

If i try to press any button nothing happens…

Can you help me?


Try a reset.
The howto can be found here or via Google.

I tried doing a quick search for it and couldn’t find it. If you know the link, please share it.

I really dont know, and I am tired now, have to go to bed, sorry.
A beautiful book is waiting. :smile:

Should be pressing two buttons as usual, may be power and bt.

@Livia_Faria Remove the pairing record from your iPhone and complete a fresh pairing by pressing the BT button to put the speaker into pairing mode. This should hopefully resolve.

That’s my thoughts. If there’s not answer by the time I get home and can remember, I will try and reset mine.

Hello all,
Thank you all for the contribution to help.

I could solve holding the power on/off button + the button of volume up.
But i found here in another discussion that the reset is the Bluetooth button + the volume up button.

But if you know where i can find all these combinations of buttons hacks please share. I read the manual and I didn’t find anything there.

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There are too many different types of speakers and too many buttons to do those resets.

Great you made it perfectly! :smile: